Practicing Who You Are


Dear Universe,

Today I release the need to create rejection and criticism in my life.  I know now that I don’t need to create these situations anymore to show girl meditating.bmpthe world that I am strong.  I don’t need to recreate the images of my childhood and try to do better now.  It’s the past.  It’over.

Today I choose acceptance!  I choose to accept the whole of who I am.  I accept the totality of who I am and the spirit woman  I am creating into being. I accept that I am strong and I don’t need to prove it.  I accept that I am beautiful.  I accept that I am creative.  I accept that I am intelligent.  I accept that I am loving, lovable and loved. I accept that I am who I am and I am practicing living from my heart.

Thank you for the lesson: When you are congruent with who you are, the fears disappears.


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