Seven Bedroom Secrets for Success

Have you ever thought of your bedroom as the path to your success?  If not, it is about time that you pay a special attention to it.  Your bedroom can support your restful sleep or not.   People with good sleeping habits have access to major creativity, intuition and problem-solving.

Great successes have been created by dreams or intuitive messages people received during the night or in the first moments after waking up.  Inventors have woken up with solutions to problems and new profitable ideas; writers dreamed of the plots in their bestsellers, and executives made important decisions within the first minutes of waking up creating major financial gains.  They were in the zone!

Although some people swear that they can perform well with 5 hours of sleep, their mental and physical capacity to perform at a higher level are compromised.  They tend to make elementary mistakes that can cost their careers, be highly reactive and reduce their emotional intelligence.

So, if you don’t sleep well even if your idea of success is just wake up happy in the morning, here are some suggestions for you improve the energy of your bedroom and your own energy:

1.Remove the clutter

Remove the clothes on the floor, the books, and magazines piled in the corner, the boxes that have no home, etc.  All objects have energy and your senses perceive the energy of the space that is screaming “CHAOS”.  Your subconscious cannot rest in chaos because it has activated the fight or flight response.  You may sleep, but not rest.

2. Keep it clean.

Our environment reflects (back to us) what we are being, doing and feeling.  Clean it up and you will feel better.  Set a day weekly to wash your linen, vacuum, dust and pick up around the bedroom. Clean bedroom, clean sleep.

3. Invest in your bed

A good mattress, mattress pad, high count thread linen (900+), and great pillows yell back to you that you are worth.  You don’t know what you are missing until you spend the night on a great bed where the linen hugs your body and your pillows sleep with you.

4. Choose relaxing colors

Colors have energy.  Bright colors take energy and attention from you, soft colors support you.  When you sleep you need support.  If you like the bright reds, oranges, and blacks, use it as accent colors on a decorative pillow or throws so they don’t keep you energized when you need to rest.

5. Remove your TV

The last thing you need before going to bed is having your energy depleted by your TV.  The bad news, horror and action movies and constant advertisers telling you that you are not enough or need that drug are not calming, resting or stress releasing device to use.  Stick to love making, reading, and meditation in bed.  You can always get up and watch TV in the living room, right?

6. Time, silence or remove your electronics

Phones, computers, and I-pads are attention hijackers.  As helpful as they are, they also take our energy away.  These electronics keep us awake instead of sleeping.  Set a time to disconnect from your electronics daily.   I also suggest setting your phone to “Do Not Disturb” so you don’t hear the e-mail dings coming in throughout of the night.  You can set calls from family members to come though if they need to get a hold of you in the night.  Social Media can wait until the morning.

7. Give yourself 15 minutes

Take the last 15 minutes before falling asleep and the first 15 minutes of waking up to clear your mind, meditate, pray, connect with your breath, set your intentions for the day and be grateful for your blessings. These actions have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase life satisfaction. You will see that those 30 minutes will bring your successes at an affordable price.

Desiring success is a birthright. Achieving success is a choice.  Pay attention to your bedroom and you will be there sooner.

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