The Seven Clutter Spots That Will Halt Your Finances, Love, Career and Health

Some people don’t understand clutter.  They think that clutter is the big mess displayed in those homes we see on TV shows with hoarding taking over every inch of the house.  Yes, that is clutter, but there are levels of clutter.  Understanding and finding them will help you improve the quality of our life.

If you are hoarding, please seek help. If you cannot enter your bedroom or you still have the paper towel and the plastic cups you used last week, call for help. That is massive clutter.   If you have a few closets stuffed with things, or one room full of boxes or yet a garage that holds everything you don’t have a place for on the inside of the house,  you have small or medium clutter, and this blog can get you on your way to a clutter-free home.

Why do we need a clutter-free home?

People may wonder how cleaning the clutter in the closet or medicine cabinet will help improve their lives.  Clutter slows progress, depletes people’s energy and influence decisions and actions negatively.  It does all that and more through the energy of the objects, the environment the clutter is in, and through the people thoughts who pass by the mount of sluggish energy and add to it.

Everything is energy.  Every time you open your closet or kitchen cabinet, and you have the subtle thought “I need to clean it up” it is taking valuable space in your mind and depleting your energy.  It is also removing power from the energy you need to solve problems, create new things and even improve the level of your relationships. You can read more about in my book Women, Rice and Beans.

People with health issues must have a clutter-free home.  We want the energy of our space to be free, light, energizing and supportive, and that’s what you can expect from clutter-free home.

If you are skeptical, try these suggestions and see what happens.  You have nothing to lose.

1)    Bedroom Clutter-

bedroom with feng shuiThe energy of your bedroom is the most critical energy area for your life.  You spend the most time there and the time you spent sleeping is resistance free. The energy of your bedroom will impact how you sleep, your career, finances, health, and relationships.  Clean up the clothes, books, and magazines from the floor. Dust the furniture and change the sheets weekly.  You want to make your bed daily too so when you walk into your space at the end of the day, it welcomes you with open arms.  Remember to remove the TV, and any electronics.  If you are not fully committed yet, try not to watch television or use your phone at least 30 minutes before sleeping. If your bedroom is dark, dense and you have trouble sleeping, you can get more help with my book Women, Rice and Beans.”  In chapter three I walk you through step by step on how to improve the energy of your bedroom with feng shui.  You can use feng shui to totally revamp your love life, health, finances, and creativity.

2)    Kitchen cabinets.

kitchen cabinetsThe energy of the kitchen is directly linked to your finances.  If your cabinets are full of expired food, or food, you don’t eat or can’t find, this is the type of energy you are fueling your finances: carelessness.  Organize it and clean it often.

3)    Medicine cabinets and draws.

This is a space you use daily when you open that medicine cabinet every morning at the start and end of your day.  Discard old medicine and products you don’t need or use.  Don’t hold on to the half-finished drug in hopes to use it in the future.  You don’t want to get sick again, right?  Tell the universe that you are done with the past. Discard the almost empty bottles of makeup from three years ago, the empty toothpaste tubes you try to squeeze the very last bit of toothpaste from and sundries you don’t use.  Make room for the new.

4)    Bedroom closet.

inside-1Open your closet and see the room for abundance.  Is there room or the hangers are too close together?  You may think that having it stuffed with clothes is abundance, but it is not.  It’s precisely the opposite.  The rule is to donate, sell or discard clothes that you have not used in a year.  If you buy two new items, two old ones have to go.  The exception is for ballgowns and formal occasion clothing.  Tell the world you are abundant and don’t hold on to things you paid too much for in hopes of selling them.  If you can’t sell it in 30 days, donate it.

5)    Garage.

Cleaning the garage is like cleaning the secrets.  You have nothing to hide.  If you walk in and exit your house through the garage, you must ensure space is clean and free of clutter.  That is the start of your outer life and the first space you see when you come home.  Also, if you want to release any secrets, be willing to start cleaning your garage.  You will see how your secrets will begin to have the energy to open and heal.

6)    Office space.

officeYour office tells much about your career.  Busy desks, busy job.  Clutter creates confusion.  The worse energy in this area is a broken desk.  You must fix it or trash it.  If the legs are broken, buy a new one.  The rule is to buy the best desk you can afford.  Clear the clutter by removing everything that you don’t often use from your desk.   Some people cannot work unless the desk is clear of papers and things.  Others are not impacted by the pile of papers.  Either way, you need to clean the paper clutter weekly.  Check the file cabinets and old reports that are not relevant to what you do and need now. Also, clear your computer files every six months.

7)    Entryway.

entryway 2The entryway energy will impact one of these areas depending on where the front door of your house is located.  If your front door is on the left as you enter the home, it will impact knowledge and spirituality areas.  If it is in the middle, it will affect the career, and if it is in the right, it will be your ability to receive help.  In any way, you want to clear the clutter of the entryway. Remove all the shoes that stay there for weeks, the bags, mail and anything that doesn’t scream “Welcome.” Every time you open the front door, you want the energy, which the East civilizations call chi’, to come into your home and be free and flowing instead of dragging heavy and tinted with confusion, heaviness, and depression.

Do these simple suggestions, and you will improve your energy and the energy of your home.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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