Is being Highly Sensitive a curse or a gift? 6 Self-Care Practices to Nurture Your Talents

Remember, you are special. But don't let it go to your ego. Your gifts come with responsibilities which are mainly to uplift the energy of the people around you and the environment. You can't fulfill your callings if you are feeling exhausted and depleted.

Why is 4/19/19 a Special Day to Manifest?

In 1996 I stumbled on an energy wave that changed the way I do things one day of the year since then. And today I would like to share it with you. One warning, this is not typical advice. It will require you to get out of the box, expend your faith in your power … Continue reading Why is 4/19/19 a Special Day to Manifest?

You Got Happy Mail! (Best Mother’s Day Giveaway)

Let’s face it; many people don’t know what to say or do when someone close is suffering. Jen’s Happy Mail can be that act of kindness that people expect and often don’t know how to ask.