I write and create content to help people, mostly women, and support them in building the life they desire.   

For years I had clues about my purpose, but I didn’t believe it. I knew I was to help women. In 2015 when I attended a retreat, and during meditation, I visited my sacred space and met with a master who gave me a red box.

Inside of the box was a key. I didn’t know what it meant. First, I questioned the validity of the key because my maiden name is Chaves which means keys in Portuguese, my native language.

That night I returned to my sacred space to ask more questions, and the master showed me that I was to help open the doors for women, but they would have to walk themselves through.

My mission is to help improve the consciousness of women about their talents and untapped potential to create better lives for themselves and the people around them. When women are well, everyone around them will live better.

Click below for book Information:

Self-Trust: How to Build Trust, Heal Burnout, and Navigate through Life on Purpose

Women, Rice and Beans: Nine Wisdoms I Learned from My Mother When I Really Paid Attention



What readers are saying!

“Amazingly insightful and Inspiring. I purchased copies for the women in my family.”

“A gem that I discovered while reading her book… A moving and inspirational read!”

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