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Bring Your Best Self to Live the Best Year of Your Life

bring your best self forwardWelcome to the best year of your life!  How do I know it will be your best year ever?  I just know that everyone can have an amazing year.  It’s really up to you!  

If you have been walking the streets moping about your life, dishearten about your future, uninspired about your work, complaining about your family and friends, I have some news for you:

It’s YOU! 

Yes, you are the common denominator of your troubles.  But don’t worry, you can start changing it today.

Start here. 

1. Download the 12 Questions You Must Ask Yourself before the New Year Guide.   

2. Follow the directions and answer all the questions.

3. Sign up to “Bring Your Best Self Forward to the Best Year of Your Life.”  The first month is free. 

“Bring Your Best Self Forward to Live the Best Year of Your Life.”

You don’t know what you don’t know.  If you did, you would already be at your destination.  Then, why don’t you get some guidance along the way?  You could ask your mentor if you have one, but everyone is very busy these days.  You could hire a coach, but you can’t afford the financial commitment.  You could enroll in a group coach but you are not ready to commit your time.    

“The Bring Your Best Self Forward to the Best Year of Your Life.” is a 9 week Self-Mentoring Program that you can access at any time from the convenience of your home, watch the lessons as often as you need and receive support through the Facebook Group, e-mail or scheduled phone calls. 

Each week you will access a pre-recorded lesson with downloadable worksheets to help you retain the material, and have easy actionable steps to create the changes you need in your life.  The program is designed to work with the mind, body and wisdom approach to transform your life from inside out.

“If a door doesn’t open, It’s not your door. “

 In the first class, You will learn all about Clarity, Strategy and How to Build a Mindful Practice for Success.  Expect to Learn:

–             How to work with use the BMWisdom worksheets to create inspiration, motivation, and accountability daily, weekly and monthly.

–             How to be crystal clear in your intentions that are aligned with your values.

–             How to create meaningful goals that honor your true self.

–             How to build an atmosphere in your life that allows you to see the next steps and act on opportunities.

Sign up here for the pilot program. Watch the entire program free of charge until April 30th, 2019  The entire 9-week program will cost only $ 99.00 after May 1st. 

No Catch: Yes, there is no cost to you. All I ask of you is that you send me feedback, post a review and contact me if you have any questions so we can make the program easy to understand, practical and useful.

After April 30th, 2019: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days.  If you decide that the program is not right for you, just cancel it within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your money.  After 30 days, we will refund 25% of the paid price.