A Women’s Prayer

I am not an authority on prayer, but one thing I know in my heart: gratitude magnifies all prayers.  Feeling gratitude for the blessings you asked for is the secret ingredient to the path to peace, resolution, contentment, happiness, and loving life.

The Divine Feminine Meditation (Download and Listen now)

The Divine Feminine is a healing energy that lives in the earth, the moon, the ocean, sun, mountains, trees, and all living things, including women. This energy can only be felt. It's the Yin energy that balances the Yang. This precious energy is responsible for creating a world where harmony is the currency.When we connect … Continue reading The Divine Feminine Meditation (Download and Listen now)

A Thanksgiving Story

white boots and orange pumpkin on the stair

It turned out that spiritual people are not that perfect after all. My almost-husband pointed out that I held resentment for my sister some time back in my venting moments. Of course, I didn't see it at first; after all, I am a good person and speak of tolerance, letting go, and all kinds of forgiveness. But it was true.