I write and create content to help people, mostly women, and support them in building the life they desire.   Some time ago, I heard my calling.  I kind of knew it for a few years before I took any step towards it.  With that, I found my life pushing me forward and eliminating all types of excuses I used not to follow my purpose.  And then I surrendered and trusted that everything would unfold to the best outcome.  That’s when the teachers, opportunities, and space showed up in my path.  And when you surrender, it will show up for you too.  I teach what I had to learn, and that’s my contribution to humanity.

Click below to access the books and short videos:

The Nine Powers of Women: Awaken the Divine Feminine Within.

Self-Trust: How to Build Trust, Heal Burnout, and Navigate through Life on Purpose

Women, Rice and Beans: Nine Wisdoms I Learned from My Mother When I Really Paid Attention

There is Higher Power Within: 28 Meditation Prompts to Find Peace & Happiness Within.

Mulheres, Arroz e Feijao: Descubra a sabedoria nos mements comuns

Mujeres, Arroz y Frijoles: Descubre la sabiduria en los mementos ordinarios



What readers are saying!

“Amazingly insightful and Inspiring. I purchased copies for the women in my family.”

“A gem that I discovered while reading her book… A moving and inspirational read!”

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