Feng Shui Consulting

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Art that helps you create flow in your life by adjusting the energy imbalances of your home. This ancient Eastern art has been practiced and studied for thousands of years and was recently introduced to the Western world to bring harmony and balance.  

Feng means wind, and Shui means water.

Visualize the wind traveling above water, and you can understand what the application of Feng Shui intends to accomplish: easy flow. We don’t want the energy (chi) moving too fast or too slow. Unfortunately, doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, objects, and images on the wall will impact the energy flow of the space and affect your energy. If the space is not supporting you, it’s taking energy from you.

Feng Shui is not interior designing, although colors, objects, and furniture placement are suggested to adjust and uplift the energy. Feng Shui focus on the unseen energy (chi) flow and how it impacts all aspect of your life. Its Principals can be applied to your property, home, office, car, website, vision board, and more.

A Feng Shui Consultation analyzes the relationship between the occupants of the house or business, their goals, and the energy of their space to create an environment that supports you instead of depleting your energy and diminishing your opportunities for success. 

“Your space affects you unconsciously 24/7, even when you are not home.”

How Feng Shui Works

Often explained as the relationship between heaven, earth, and man, Feng Shui analyzes the Chi (energy flow) and the five elements (Fire, Metal, Earth, Wood, and Water) of a home or business, following traditional protocols to create balance and support. 

Feng Shui is like acupuncture for your home. 

Instead of working with meridians, Feng Shui works with nine key areas of your life: Health, Career, Knowledge/Spirituality, Family, Finance, Success/Recognition, Relationship, Creativity, and Helpful people. 

The Chinese Feng Shui Masters believe people have three types of luck:

  • Heaven – Destiny or Karma
  • Human – Mindset
  • Earth – Environment

Feng Shui is only one-third of your “luck” as it impacts your environment; However, when your space supports you, you improve the way think and feel (Human Luck), your ability to follow your destiny or resolve your karma (Heaven Luck.)

Feng Shui is not a religion and doesn’t require anyone to follow eastern philosophies. Quite the contrary, Feng Shui works with your own beliefs and spirituality.

As more people work from home, your space’s energy needs to be balanced, aligned with your goals, and supportive of creating greater Peace, Health, Prosperity, Meaningful Relationships, and more. Because everyone’s definition of success is unique, Feng Shui targets your individual goals and personal space.

A Case Study: Slanted Roof

A woman knocked on Amanda’s door within a few days of the “For Sale” sign showing up on the front lawn.  It was the lady who sold her the house.  She wanted to see what Amanda had done to the place before the house changed hands. Continue reading

What to Expect?

PHASE ONE – Is Feng Shui Right for You?

A Feng Shui consultation starts with a phone consultation to determine if Feng Shui is the right solution for you. Before the call, you will receive a short questionnaire to help you clarify your goals and objectives.

PHASE TWO – Creating a Floor Plan

When we decide that Feng Shui is right for you, Ana will begin by analyzing the floor plan, layouts, and room positioning before arriving at your home.

PHASE THREE – Walking the Space

On the day of the consultation, Ana will walk the space with you beginning with the exterior of your home and then the interior. She will make suggestions to correct the negative influences impacting the space. She will evaluate exterior elements such as the front door, missing corners, neighborhood; and interior factors, including front door location, slanted ceilings, walls, bathroom locations, amount of windows and doors, the position of the bed, desk, and stove, images, objects, etc. and make specific energy adjustment recommendations such as removing pictures, moving furniture, adding crystals, mirrors, wind chimes, plants, colors, etc. to enhance, suppress or correct the environment chi flow. Some adjustments will be made at the consultation time; others will do it in time.

PHASE FOUR – Your Personal Feng Shui

After we have the house’s overall plan for balance, we work with Personal Feng Shui, which is based on the birth date of the household members. We will adjust the energies of SUCCESS, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIP, AND WISDOM in three areas of your home: bedroom, office, and living room.

This phase is key to make personal adjustment to create the life you envision.

At the end of the consultation, you will have a list of adjustments to make and a date for a follow-up call. Remember, Feng Shui is not a race. The goals is to slowly incorporate the suggested adjustments you received over time.

Improving the energy of your home not only helps you to be in the right place at the right moment, but it also helps you pay attention to the opportunities and attract the highest energy that will allow you to create success, regardless of your definition of success.

How Do I Start?

Ana’s Feng Shui Consultation:

  • A 30- minute call prior to the in-person consultation
  • A in-person consultation for the exterior and interior of the home
  • A Personal Feng Shui Evaluation and Adjustment for the residents
  • A Review of the energy adjustment
  • A Meditation Prescription to support the Feng Shui Adjustments
  • A 30-minute follow up consultation

The cost of a Feng Shui consultation varies based on the square foot of your home or business, the number of rooms, and the number of residents in the house. Some large residents may be done in two days. Please contact us directly for a detailed quote for your home or business offices.

A one-bedroom apartment up to 600 sq. ft with two people starts at $1,500.00. $100 per hour travel time will be added for locations further than 80 miles outside of Albany, NY.

A three bedroom home up to 2000 sq. ft start at $3,000 up to 4 people. $100 per hour travel time will be added for locations further than100 miles outside of Albany, NY.

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Currently, Ana is serving New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont. Please contact us to consider your location.

To book a personal or business session, use the form below to schedule a short consultation to determine if Feng Shui is the right solution for you.

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