The Nine Powers of Women

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I have a special gift for you: The Nine Powers of Women. This book is a calling to all women, which I had to answer and share my answer with you. But I didn’t write it alone; I had a partnership with spirit. Thank you for answering your calling and checking out this book.
We need you. The world needs you. Our souls need every one of us to awaken our divine feminine and create a more balanced world.

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About the Book

You have Nine Natural Powers that support you, your goals and your tribe. These powers are needed to waken the Divine Feminine. They are connected with the seven chakras.

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The Divine Feminine is Nature’s secret strategy to balance the world that is too yang. The female energy needs to expand so women are part of decisions made everywhere.

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Every woman has a gift to share with the world. It’s time to awaken your Divine Feminine and share your gifts with everyone. When women use their powers without hesitation, or fear, their world and the people around them prosper.

More gifts when you buy the book

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A Book Companion is available for download when you buy the book. It will help you reflect and develop your powers.

The Nine Powers of Women Meditation and the Quantum Activation Program: Healing Through the Chakras – #9 The Power of Healing

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Buy the entire Quantum Activation Program – Healing Through the Chakras for only $179.00 This is a over 3 hours of powerful healing and meditation a. The average coach session with Ana costs $300 for 90 minutes. With this program, you have over three hours of coaching and healing at your fingertips, addressing the most common issues associated with the seven chakras of the body. There is no risk. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Learn More.

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