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What is a Personal Clearing?

Energy work and Space Clearing have been practiced for centuries. Different cultures had different techniques. But they had two common denominators: They understood that everything is energy, and often those energies got stuck in the body and needed to be cleared.

Some people think that energy clearing is too woo-woo. However, studies have proved the existence of energy, chakras, and how people respond to subtle energy below their conscious awareness. Additional studies have shown that people don’t only get impacted by those energies; they synchronize with them.

The Personal Clearing is one of the ways we clear energy stuck in your body that could have been around your field since you were a baby in your mother’s womb. The accumulated energy from our parents, grandparents, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers we cross paths with in the supermarket can leave an imprint on our personal energy field and impact how we think, feel, and behave. Of course, not every person we meet will create an imbalance in our lives; they can also uplift us.

The question is, would you like to be an uplifter or a drainer of energy?

Before you begin blaming everyone around you for your misfortune, it’s important to know that you and I and the entire world on the way we react in the world. Some energy may be stronger than others, and we may be strongly triggered by our parents or a boss, but ultimately we are the ones who live with the reactions we make.

In his many works, Carl Jung, a Psychiatrist beyond his time, described how we can go through a lifetime carrying a negative energy field, “the unloved parts of ourselves” that could be integrated. But instead, we are surrounded by a heavy cloud of dust – some thicker than others- clouding our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Personal clearing does this integration.

We all have heard that “like attracts likes.” As we go through life day after day carrying this invisible energetic field that doesn’t support the life we want to live, we attract more of the same. We see this pattern in people who leave a relationship just to find another just as unsatisfied or leave a job with a horrible boss to find one even worse. Also, these low energies can lead you to experience the same emotions over and over. If the emotions are love, compassion, and happiness, bring them on. But if we are experiencing anger, desperation, sadness, discontent, or victimization, we must let them go.

Simply, Personal Clearing gently releases the old stuck energy and transforms how you react to stress.

People looking to do a personal clearing usually feel stuck in life, unmotivated, and desperate to change how they think and the results of their life.

What to Expect?

Ana’s Personal Energy Clearing is a four sessions program. It’s a combination of energy clearing, Personal Feng Shui, and a Spiritual Prescription to support your long-term success.

Some of the stuck energy cannot be cleared in one session. Repeated thoughts and emotions that have been accumulated for 10-20-30 or even 40 years may take a few sessions to transmute. The goal is to be gentle so you can leave the session and go about your day.

The initial session usually lasts 90 minutes. After that, the consecutive ones will last 50-60 minutes and are scheduled over the phone at the first session.

At the end of each session, you leave with a prescription – homework- to help improve your space, mindset, and the way you feel.

Personal Clearing can last six months or more. You will leave the session with tools to clear minor blocks you encounter in life.

People who are feeling stuck, depressed, angry, have gone through a divorce, loss, or violence, or are looking to improve the overall quality of their life will benefit from a personal clearing.

Personal Clearing Results vary from person to person. People have reported feeling more motivated, having more energy, moving to a new state, leaving a long-term relationship and job, and finding a satisfying career.

Ana’s Personal Clearing includes:

  • Four Sessions of Personal Clearing, including Integration and Grounding
  • Spiritual remedies for the findings of the session
  • A few Feng Shui cures to support the intentions of the clearing
  • A Blessing to create a protective personal energy field at the end of the Program
  • A Meditation Prescription to support the clearing intentions
  • The cost of a Personal Clearing Program is $997.00. Payment can be made in installments at $275 per session.
  • Additional supporting sessions can be purchased at $250 each after completing the four sessions.
  • All sessions are conducted via video conference through Skype and WhatsApp.
  • Payments are made in advance and may be made via PayPal or Venmo upon receiving an invoice

Before you commit, please send me an e-mail at requesting a 20-minute complimentary exploratory call with a short description of what you intend to accomplish, a problem you are trying to solve, and the program you would like to consider. This will help us decide if my programs are a good fit for you.  Please include your name, phone number, e-mail, and dates and times that are best for you. 

Clearing for Business

Just like people leave invisible residue in their homes, they do the same at work or when they go about living, like visiting a restaurant or a shop. Their thoughts about how much they dislike their boss or how unfriendly workers are, over time, the energy of the business gets stagnant.

Also, the previous business energy still lingers in the space. If the previous business moved to a larger and more prominent location, it’s good energy to inherit. But if the previous company closed because of the negative cash flow, you don’t want to inherit the stress and, most importantly, the lack of “funds energy.”

The goal is to have a balance of yin and yang.

If the business space energy is too YIN, you will experience the following:

  • Low sales and productivity
  • People procrastinate and are too emotional, have low motivation, are often late and leave early

If the Business space is YANG, you will experience the following:

  • High turnover, increase in people calling in sick
  • High stress, backstabbing, lack of teamwork
  • People are overworked, lack focus, and cannot sit still
  • People work hard on the wrong things

A business or office space clearing can create the ideal workspace where employees feel motivated to work, and customers feel welcomed.

Ana’s Business Space Clearing includes:

  • A Space clearing
  • A personal clearing for the owner or managers of the business at the end of the session
  • Two or Three Feng Shui cures to support the intentions of the clearing
  • A Blessing of the business to create a protective energy field

The cost of a business clearing is $300 per hour with a minimum of $750 plus travel based on the number of rooms, the square foot of your business, and the number of offices.

Currently, Ana is serving New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont. Please contact us to consider your location.

To book a personal or business session, use the form below to schedule a short consultation to determine if this is the right solution for you.

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