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Mentoring Programs

I am glad you are exploring working with me.  My programs are designed to work with you as a whole (mind-body-spirit integration.)  That means that besides getting Share your gifts - time 2down to business, you will be asked to integrate mind-body-spirit practices into your life for support, growth, and most importantly self-development.  Remember, you are a key player in your success.  My role is to help YOU discover, remove blocks and create the life you planned to live.

You can expect to identify your opportunities and have practical strategies to overcome them.  We will focus on self-knowledge because you are the common denominator of your life.  You can expect confidentiality, support, and tough love.  Our time together will be productive and focused.

I have worked with many people over the past 26 years.  I have helped people start a business, grow a business, change careers, get over their fears, make more money, negotiate relationships, find their passion or life purpose, release emotional blocks, stop self-sabotage, make tough decisions that supported their mission, and complete other projects.

Here are the programs I offer:

  • Business Mentoring (3 or 6 sessions):  It will help you get crystal clear about your business goals, create systems, get organized and take actions in your business without depleting your energy.


  • Career Mentoring (3 sessions): It will support you in finding your life purpose, have clear intentions and a plan of action for transitioning into a new career or growing your existing one.


  • Life Mentoring (3 or 6 or 9 sessions):  Whether you want to start a business, write a book, change careers, re-build your life, release emotional baggage, re-invent yourself or leave a relationship, build your confidence, this program will help you be clear, re-frame your mindset, stop self-sabotage, release the past, make a plan, hold your accountable to yourself, and celebrate your successes.


  • Strategic Session (1 session of 90 minutes): exit your comfort zoneThis call is designed to make big moves and fast.  The session is aimed to dissolve your roadblocks, create a preliminary a plan with a few strategies, and week to week action.  This program includes a follow-up accountability call within 30 or 60 days as agreed during the call.  $250.00


The programs consist of three (3), 60-minute phone sessions per month scheduled in advance.


  • The commitment of three (3) sessions or one month is $500.00
  • The commitment of  six (6) sessions or two months is $450 per month
  • The commitment of  nine (9) sessions or three months is $400 per month


Payments are made in advance and may be made via check or PayPal to my email address:

All sessions are 60 minutes via Phone or Skype audio, except for the strategy session.

Before you commit, e-mail me at to request an exploratory call with me so so we can decide if my programs are a good fit for your goals.  Please include your name, phone number, e-mail, dates and times that are best for you.  I prefer to schedule calls early mornings or late afternoons, but I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.

I look forward to working with you.