Coaching Programs

Thank you for considering working with me. Before you go any further, please ask yourself:

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Am I ready and committed to my success? Is this my decision or someone is pushing me ?

I believe that changes happen when we are ready and are able to work with with the mind, body and the spirit to leap into transformation. Please know that you are a key player in your success.  My role is to help YOU discover, remove blocks and create the life you planned to live. I will hold your hand temporarily, but you are the one who leaps.

When we work together, I help you leap with confidence. I will ask to begin some type of spiritual practices for support, growth, and most importantly self-development.  It doesn’t not matter what religious belief you have, only that you set aside time to connect with your inner being.

What to Expect?

You can expect to identify your blind spots and have practical strategies to overcome them.  We will focus on self-knowledge because you are the common denominator of your life. 

You can also expect confidentiality, support, and honest feedback.  Our time together will be productive and focused. I will be aiming to help you step out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, and discover the depths of your talents.

Why Work With Me?

I have worked with many man and women over the past 26 years in the corporate and private life setting.  I have helped people change their mindset, realign their emotions, start and grow a business, change or improve careers, get over their fears, make more money, negotiate relationships, find their passion or life purpose, release emotional blocks, stop self-sabotage, make a decision, navigate the path into a new life, and create completion.

I love people and love to see them succeed. I use

Programs I offer:

One Focus Coaching ( 4 sessions)

  • The Program consists of (4) four 90-minute sessions that can be extended. I recommend it to people who need to redirect their lives. If you are looking to start a business, write a book, change careers, re-consider a relationship, release emotional baggage, or stop defeating behaviors. This Program will help you be clear, re-frame your mindset, give you the tools to release the past, make a plan with actionable steps, and hold your accountable to yourself and your success. Price:$600.00 paid in full or four instalments $165.00 paid weekly

Strategic Call ( 1 session)

  • The laser focus Call will help you to become crystal clear about your life direction, create systems, get organized, and have a detail plan to take actions in your business, career, or relationship without depleting your energy. This 2-hour session is recommended to people who are advanced in their life skills, are feeling stuck, need more clarity and help to redirect, and can take action without strong accountability. This session is designed to make big moves and fast.  The intense session is aimed to dissolve your roadblocks, create a preliminary a plan with a few strategies, and week to week action.  The Strategic Call includes a follow-up accountability call within 30 or 60 days as agreed during the call. Please note that you must complete extensive paperwork before our meeting. Price: $350.00. Please inquire for in person session.

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Find Your Purpose and Align it with your career ( 4 sessions)

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? This question has hunted many people since they were five years old and still causes anxiety to many adults today. It is not difficult to discover our life purpose; the hard part is to believe in it and to have the courage to act on it. Our mind will create thousands of excuses to keep the status quo. This (4) four 60-minute session will help you identify your cause, your next purpose, and explorer meaningful ways for you to make your contribution to the world. The program requires a high level of vulnerability and work to be done outside of the session. Price: $500 or four installments of $140 paid weekly

Payments are made in advance and may be made via PayPal or Venmo upon receiving a invoice.

All sessions are conducted via video conference through Skype, WhatsApp.

Before you commit, please send me e-mail to requesting an exploratory call with a short description of what you intend to accomplish, problem you are trying to solve, and the program you would like to book. This will help us decide if my programs are a good fit for you.  Please include your name, phone number, e-mail, dates and times that are best for you. 

Currently, my schedule is almost full. I may have availability for calls early mornings or evenings, but I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.

I look forward to working with you.


Ana Barreto reinforced my confidence that “Rituals healing women after a divorce” are ready to take mainstream. Her support and knowledge of developing the sales funnel and content have helped me see the finish line!

Gillian from Massachusetts.

Ana’s coaching sessions transformed my whole self being.  Her techniques and knowledge taught me feel connected with the universe, be in the present moment, love and trust myself and be the true me .  I couldn’t be more blessed to have met her. Thank you Ana

-Maritza from Oregon

Ana helped me prepare for a big job interview, and her help was so valuable. She let me use my own words but taught me to rephrase them in ways that highlighted my strengths. She also coached me on my handshake, my eye contact, and other interpersonal skills. Thanks to Ana, I went into my interview prepared and confident, and I’m happy to say I got the job!

-Meagan from New York

Dear Ana – “Surrendering to the Love” – I so resonated with what you said. I love your voice. And I think your work is so lovely and uplifting.


So inspiring your talk about the 8 Tools to Improve the Quality of Your Life”. I really thank you and I’m grateful. I didn’t realized that some of those tools I had them, and another I had to work for them. I’m working in by sobriety and this helps me and touches me so deeply. Grateful to have discovered you.


Ana is a remarkable women whom will help you to be your best. You may not always want to hear the honest feedback that you will receive however it will only make you better. Ana has only know me for a little less than a year, I was up for a promotion ( my dream job) Ana spent and hour and a half helping me to prepare for my interview. Thank you again Ana for your time and help

-Heather, Massachusetts

That exercise you shared with me about confronting my truth and what’s holding me back really, really helps. I spoke in front of a large crowd yesterday and my voice didn’t bubble. After my speech, I was approached by tons of people — I was sharing information with them for 2 hours straight. I don’t feel depleted.

-E.B., Massachusetts