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Bring Your Best Self to Live the Best Year of Your Life Every Year!

bring your best self forwardWelcome to the best year of your life! 

How do we know it will be our best year ever?  You really don’t know. But the difference between knowing and not knowing is only:

Taking ACTION!

It’s really up to you!  You can live the same way you lived last year, and the year before and the year before or you can change it today. 

If you have been feeling disheartened about your future, uninspired about your work, complaining about your family and friends, upset about your relationships, or dragging to get out of bed, I have some news for you:

YOU Can change it

How? By changing the thoughts you think. The challenge is that you may not know all the thoughts you have been thinking. Some may be contradicting your desires and some may be putting you down.

I have created a program that I used to transform my life when I was depressed, burned out, discouraged, angry and the worst of all, I was teaching my children how be miserable at life.


When you begin the path of rediscovering your true self and creating the life you meant to live, big changes happen. Things can seem to get a bit worse at first as people will drop off out of your life, jobs will end, the door will close and your emotions can become raw. However, don’t despair:

These things were only meant to be in your life temporary.

Start Here with 3 Easy Steps: 

  1. Download the Guide “12 Questions You Must Ask Yourself before the New Year.”   
  2. Follow the directions and answer all the questions on the guide.
  3. Sign up to “Bring Your Best Self Forward to Live the Best Year of Your Life” series.   The first class is free. You can purchase the entire program (9 modules) for $97.00 or you can pick and choose the classes you feel will improve the overall quality of your life. Individual classes prices ranges from $14.99 to $24.99.

Try the first class for free.

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Bring Your Best Self Forward to Live the Best Year of Your Life Class (Full Class) $99.00

This is a 9-week Self-Mentoring Program that you can access at any time from the convenience of your home, watch the lessons as often as you need and receive additional support through the Facebook Group, e-mail or scheduled phone calls.

 In the first class, you will learn all about Clarity, Strategy and How to Build a Mindful Practice for Success.  Expect to Learn:

  • Find your true values
  • How to be crystal clear about your intentions that are aligned with your values.
  • How to create meaningful goals that honor your true self.
  • How to build an atmosphere in your life that allows you to see the next steps and act on unexpected opportunities.
  • How to work with use the BMWisdom worksheets to create inspiration, motivation, and accountability daily, weekly and monthly.

Each lesson is a pre-recorded lesson with downloadable worksheets to help you retain the material, and have easy actionable steps to create the changes you need in your life.  The program is designed to work with the mind, body and wisdom approach to transform your life from inside out.

$9.95 – Timefulness – Lifetime access

FREE Class when you purchase the book “Self-Trust” (Check page 12 of the book for directions. Kindle Users view page 172)

Time Management is a myth. No one can manage time, however we can align our time with our purpose and intentions when we focus on what is meaningful for us.

In this 33 minute class, learn the Principles of Timefulness and how to practice it in your life.

A Crash Course in Confidence – $14.95

Have you ever avoided asking for a raise, a promotion, or a simple request even though you felt you deserved it? Have you ever played small because you were afraid of people’s reactions? Were you hesitant to ask for what you want? Maybe you set your dream aside because you were didn’t have the courage to go for what your heart called for.

If you answer yes to any of this questions, this is a course for you. This is a 45-minute beginner’s course that will require you to watch multiple times, take notes and do three short exercises to build your confidence muscles

This class has a bonus video with instructions to a daily practice to rewire your brain and rebuild your confidence faster. It’s a short video, but it’s priceless.

Share Your Gifts – 8 Tools to Improve the Overall Quality of Your Life $19.95

Are you feeling discouraged? Are you doubting your abilities? Are you tired, uninspired or unhappy? Are you always rushing or feeling that you don’t have enough time for yourself? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this is the class for you.

This online class has been updated from the audio class, which has over 114,000 downloads. The 75 minute class is not only inspirational, but practical and action oriented, designed to get you to think, feel and take action on what matters to you.. Make sure you download the workbook prior to starting the class.

The Power of Clarity – $19.95

Do you know what you want out of life? What is your purpose? Why do you get up in the morning? Do you have goals? What did you envision your life to look like?

Be ready to feel uncomfortable. The Power of Clarity is designed to help you narrow down your thoughts and get you thinking and feeling and creating meaningful goals for your life, just a bit outside your habitual self.

“If a door doesn’t open, It’s not your door. “

No Worries:

We offer 30 days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try the program, if you decide that the program is not right for you, just cancel it within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your money. After 30 days, we will prorate the refund as follow:

  • Cancellation after 30 to 45 days: 50%.
  • Cancellation after 45 to 60 days: 25%.
  • Cancellations after 60 to 90 days: no refunds.