Women, Rice and Beans

“I have come to understand that there are two types of lessons: One that you touch, hold, bite, and discard or use and another that your heart discovers. In the latter case, you feel it, and it unveils like a tattoo of a lotus imprinted on your soul, waiting to blossom.”    Ana Barreto   

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book by Ana Barreto

Our biggest struggles in life are amplified by the beliefs, attitudes, and emotions we learned in childhood.  Although the lessons are not all bad, some of them don’t serve who we are and who we are becoming.

There is no need to blame or resent our parents. The relationship we have or had with our mothers set the conditions to honor our spirit.

When we pay attention to the moments of discord and find wisdom in them, we transcend the childhood conditioning and begin to live the life we meant to live.

 The book “Women, Rice and Beans” guides women how to discover the pockets of wisdom in their lives, live on purpose, and stop perpetuating defeating behaviors to our daughters, granddaughters and the women around us.

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In this inspirational self-help book, Brazilian American Author Ana Barreto shows readers how to find wisdom in everyday life.  She shares her experiences of spending her childhood in Brazil before coming to the United States and then traveling back to her home country to care for her ailing mother and releasing resentment in the process.



 Bonding with her elderly mother made Ana reflect on her life and the lives of many women: Many of the choices women make depletes their energy.  Some of their decisions were learned from the previous generations that expected women to behave in ways that don’t honor the real women’s spirit.


She learned nine wisdoms that she shares in her book. The book provides simple exercises for improving self-care, building a meditation practice, carving out personal time and space, practicing self-compassion and self-generosity, creating affirmations, releasing patterns of self-sabotage and depletion, and reaching for happiness.

The book includes five guided meditations, directions to improve the energy of your home with feng shui, and practical suggestions to improve your personal power.  It will help all mother-daughter relationships, lift you up and give you the courage to reach for what you want in life while building an inner connection with your spirit.

When women do well, everyone around her does well.



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How to declutter and create sacred spaces in your home

How to manage your energy and the energy of your space

How to feng shui your bedroom to support your life

How to release fear, have self-care and go after your dreams

How to create affirmations that work

How to discover your heart’s desires by connecting with your soul in meditation

How to reprogram your thoughts, feelings, and actions and stop the self-sabotage

Five meditations to support your goals

How to cook great rice and beans and other recipes from the book

It will lift you up and give you the courage to reach for what you want in life—staying calm while doing it.

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Women, Rice and Beans Book Meditations

The 5 Guided meditations are companion tools for the book “Women, Rice and Beans.”  It will help you build a meditation practice and at the same time clear the mental clutter that interferes with your purpose.  It will help you learn insights, center yourself, release stubborn blocks in all areas of your life.

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In her first book “Women, Rice and Beans – Nine Wisdoms I Learned From My Mother When I really Paid Attention”, Brazilian teacher and author Ana Barreto shares her experiences of spending her childhood in Brazil before coming to the United States and then traveling back to her home country to care for her ailing mother.

In this inspirational self-help guide, she shares with the readers intimate heartfelt stories and the wisdom learned from those experiences. Each chapter contains simple exercises or an easy guided meditation to guide the readers to discover the wisdoms in their own life, live on purpose, and be better role models for other women by living their bliss.



What readers are saying!

“Amazingly insightful and inspiring. I purchased copies for the women in my family.”

“…lovely, filled with beautiful and practical teachings, and for sure the Universe sent you to teach me.”

“A gem that I discovered while reading her book… A moving and inspirational read!”

“You inspired me to start to journal about spiritual lessons I learned in retrospect from my relationship with my mom.”

“Your meditation of the willow tree inspired me.”