“When Women Feel Well, Everyone Around Them Benefits From Their Wellness”

Ana Barreto

Brazilian American Author of the book Women, Rice and Beans

“Until we change our thinking, we will always recycle our experiences.” – Ana Barreto

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How So I Serve?

I am honored to share my gifts with you through my mission: helping women improve the overall quality of their lives with my books, workshops. online classes and coaching programs.

I have studied and continue to study Metaphysics, Spiritually, Psychology, Neuroscience , Feng Shui, Meditation, Women’s History, Women in Business, Leadership, and Eastern Philosophies.

There Are Many Ways to Improve the Overall Quality of Our Lives…

On January 1, 2019 I released the pilot online class “Bring Your Best Self to Live the Best Year of your life,” the first class of the Body, Mind & Wisdom School. It is designed to help women reach meaningful goals mindfully.

My vision for the Body, Mind & Wisdom School is to create a sacred space for women to begin their inner transformation. I plan to release classes that will help bring women forward. Classes topics will range from Confidence, Time Management, Returning to work, Finding your Purpose, to Female Leadership and more.

We are still in the pilot stage, but check it out

Bring Your Best Self to Live the Best Year of Your Life. Visit the Body, Mind & Wisdom School

“Anything we can’t control is teaching us to let go.”

“In a hyperactive world, stillness is a rebellious act.”

I used to feel disconnected from life. For many years I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. I only knew that I was discontent, living in a haze and driven to use actions to fill in what I believed was missing in my life. When I was near water, in peaceful green spaces or sick in bed, I would have glimpses of knowing about something greater and I didn’t have words to describe. It was like something outside me knew about me, my weak existence and still had great hopes for my life.

When I finally understood that it was my soul connecting with me, I was in meditation, and going at it for a few years with a meditation practice that was as consistent as the rain on summer days. Even though, I was not fully committed to meditate daily, I still rediscovered myself in meditation.

Meditation peeled the layers of anger, discouragement, sadness, fear, frustrations, self-abandonment, pain, and every other thing that was in the way of living a meaningful life.

Science has confirmed the other benefits of meditation. From reducing diabetes to lowering blood pressure, from bursting creativity to strengthening problem solving and reducing stress, the case for meditating is strong even if not for a spiritual taste. For me and for hundreds of thousands of people, meditation helps us to create a better relationship with everything, everyone, and connects each of us with a better part of us.

There are still people who thinks of meditation as going up a mountain, sitting crossed-legs on a pillow, closing your ears and eyes, and chanting a mantra for hours and even days. This view of a meditation still exists, but there are easy ways to start a meditation practice that is easy, flexible, and still gives you the full benefits of disconnecting from your busy world. Start your meditation practice today and see it for yourself. Visit the free Meditation Page.

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