“When Women Feel Well, Everyone Around Them Benefits From Their Wellness” Ana Barreto

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“Until you change your thinking, you will always recycle your experiences.” – Ana Barreto

“Anything you can’t control is teaching you to let go.”

“In a hyperactive world, stillness is a rebellious act.”

Science has confirmed the benefits of meditation. From reducing diabetes to lowering blood pressure, from bursting creativity to strengthening problem solving, mainly, meditation helps you to release stress and connect with a better “you”.

People think of meditation as going up a mountain, sitting crossed-legs on a pillow, closing your ears and eyes, and chanting a mantra for hours. This view of a meditation still exists, but there are easy ways to start a meditation practice that is easy, flexible, and still gives you the full benefits of disconnecting from your busy world. Start your meditation practice today and see it for yourself. Visit the free Meditation Page.

How do women use their energy?  Are women too exhausted to live the life they planned?  Are they getting burned out with the choices they make which were meant to bring them joy?

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In this inspirational self-help book, Ana Barreto invites the reader to be part of a wider conversation about women and their work. She opens the floor to break away from the established mindsets women and men have, which are leading them to self-sabotage their accomplishments.



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Women, Rice and Beans

Nine Wisdoms I Learned from My Mother When I Really Paid Attention

Women Rice and Beans
book by Ana Barreto

Our biggest struggles in life are amplified by the beliefs, attitudes, and emotions we learned in childhood.  Although the lessons are not all bad, some of them don’t serve who we are and who we are becoming.

There is no need to blame or resent our parents. The relationship we have or had with our mothers set the conditions to honor our spirit.

When we pay attention to the moments of discord and find wisdom in them, we transcend the childhood conditioning and begin to live the life we meant to live.

 The book “Women, Rice and Beans” guides women how to discover the pockets of wisdom in their lives, live on purpose, and stop perpetuating defeating behaviors to our daughters, granddaughters and the women around us.

Change starts with us. Learn more.


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