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After many requests, I am happy to announce that my first book, “Women, Rice, and Beans” has been translated into Portuguese and Spanish. Also, I am releasing a updated new edition of the book in October to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday.

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Quantum Healing Through the Chakras
Learn how you too can become a Stronger Woman

For over 30 years, I have been working with energy, and it all started with a book on meditation.  Then, ten years later, my sister-in-law loaned me a book about Feng Shui, and my world was transformed.

At that time, I was stuck in five of the nine main areas of my life: Career, Finance, Relationship, Creativity, and Recognition.  Also, I was tired, emotionally depleted, overwhelmed, and uncleared of my purpose until I began working with Feng Shui and meditating.  My life changed in every aspect and I realized I had to share it with the world.

I used Feng Shui to improve my home’s energy, especially in my bedroom, office, and children’s bedroom.  In addition, I Feng Shui my sales staff workspace, meeting rooms, and the homes of my friends who were stuck, usually in finances and relationships.  With Feng Shui, Meditation and Energy management, I built my career, increased my wealth, raised my children on my own, paid for their college education, met my life partner and became absolutely clear about my purpose and the steps to take.

Energy is Everything.  Our space was an extension of our lives, and our environment is either depleting or supporting us.

Are you stuck, overwhelmed, feeling tired, unsupported and unclear about the steps to take? Then, check out my services and call me?

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School For Women

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There is a Sacred Space where women are welcome to be themselves.  A space where her time is for her own development and spiritual growth.  This is a community where every woman learns how to recharge, find inspiration, and the confidence to take steps to live a great life.  This is the Body, Mind & Wisdom School for Women.

Learn about Relationships, Finance, Spirituality, Career, Health, Mindfulness, Motherhood, Creativity, Family, Health, Intuition, Courage, and more. Mostly, you will learn how to activate your power. 


Finding a Greater Wellbeing in a Busy World USE Coupon code: 2begin

With 8 minutes of daily self-compassion through a meditation practice, you will be available for the people you care about.

“Until we change our thinking and feeling, we will always recycle our experiences.”


You are absolutely amazing. I love listening to your simple and powerful advise. I am wishing to find the courage to do something similar to what you are doing. Your knowledge and expereince is so helpful. THanks for sharing it with the world.


You inspired me to start a journal about the spiritual lessons I learned in retrospect from my relationship with my mother.


A gem that I discovered while reading her book… A moving and inspirational read.


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