“Helping Women to be there for others without leaving themselves behind with books, classes and meditations.”


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With 8 minutes of daily self-compassion through a meditation practice, you will be available for the people you care about.

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How Do I Serve?

I am honored to share my gifts with you through my mission: helping women improve the overall quality of their lives with my books, meditations, inspirational talks, workshops. online classes and coaching programs.

My formal education is in Business and Marketing. My love for Leadership and Personal Development led me study Psychology and Neuroscience. My deep connection with spirituality helped me discover and study Metaphysics, Meditation, Feng Shui, Eastern Philosophies, Women’s History, Women ways of leading.

Other Books by Ana Barreto

Learn more about the book here
Learn more about the book here

“Until we change our thinking and feeling, we will always recycle our experiences.” – Ana Barreto


In 2019 I released the pilot of the Body, Mind and Wisdom School. I envision a safe place for women to learn, find clarity, access insights, ask questions and connect with like-minded women.

“Anything we can’t control is teaching us to let go.”

A Case for Meditation

Meditation peels the layers of anger, discouragement, sadness, fear, frustrations, self-abandonment, pain, and every other emotion that is in the way of living a meaningful life.

Science has confirmed the other benefits of meditation. From reducing diabetes to lowering blood pressure, from bursting creativity to strengthening problem solving and reducing stress, the case for meditating is strong even if not for a spiritual taste. For me and for hundreds of thousands of people, meditation helps us to create a better relationship with everything, everyone, and connects each of us with a better part of us.

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You are absolutely amazing. I love listening to your simple and powerful advise. I am wishing to find the courage to do something similar to what you are doing. Your knowledge and expereince is so helpful. THanks for sharing it with the world.


You inspired me to start a journal about the spiritual lessons I learned in retrospect from my relationship with my mother.


A gem that I discovered while reading her book… A moving and inspirational read.


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