Self-Trust: A Healing Practice for Women Who Do Too Much

How do women use their energy?  Are women too exhausted to live the life they planned?  Are they getting burned out with their choices, which were meant to bring them joy?

In this inspirational self-help book, Ana Barreto invites the reader to be part of a wider conversation about women and what they do. She opens the floor to break away from the established mindsets women and men have, which are leading them to self-sabotage their accomplishments.

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In the book, Ana introduces you to five reflection prompts that will give you clarity on how to recover and heal from burnout.  There are five parts to the book:


Part One – Paying attention to what you do; this will identify the behaviors that may seem unimportant, but they are depleting your energy and leading to burnout.

Part Two – Changing the mindset (thoughts, beliefs, and feelings); this will help you identify the internal thoughts that create the feelings and beliefs behind the actions that lead to burnout.

Part Three – Digging in; this will help go to the core wound that resides underneath the thoughts and beliefs that sabotage your intentions.

Part Four –The Five Paths of Change; this will give you practical tools to build self-trust at a good pace to become a habit.

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Part Five – Sustaining changes; this will help you with your long-term goals in living a wellness life.



Teacher, coach, Energy Clearing and Feng Shui Consultant Ana Barreto shows the readers how to build self-trust, which is the cure for burnout and find the inner guidance they need to take themselves as far as they intend to go without depletion while living on purpose.

The author unmasks the stress factors working women use to avoid feeling, being and becoming their true selves.

Every book comes with the Love Meditation. This guided Meditation will reprogram the conscious and subconscious minds at the cellular level by working with the energy of the body.  You will find instructions on how to download the meditation in the book.

This special bonus “The Allowing Meditation” is available for the readers that purchase the book.  This powerful guided Meditation will stop the downward spiral and calibrate your energy.

To receive this special bonus, follow the directions on the book to download the Love Meditation and you will have access to the Allowing Meditation.


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