Are You Making the Right Decisions?

Anyone can be at any level of logical or emotional decision making and be off-center. If you don't know which direction to take, remember that your heart is the compass.

When Science Meets Spirituality: An Easy Practice to Find Your Truth

Most of the time, we don't trust the answer we receive because it is not what we want to hear. Many people will run to mediums, psychic, tarot card readers and others to delegate the answer we need to hear from within.

Why is 4/19/19 a Special Day to Manifest?

In 1996 I stumbled on an energy wave that changed the way I do things one day of the year since then. And today I would like to share it with you. One warning, this is not typical advice. It will require you to get out of the box, expend your faith in your power … Continue reading Why is 4/19/19 a Special Day to Manifest?