Space Clearing for Homes & Businesses

What is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is one of the ways we bring harmony and balance back to a space, so your environment supports you instead of depleting your energy. If you ever had good energy and felt motivated and enthusiastic about life, you know what balanced energy feels like;

And If you paid attention, you already felt the impact of stagnant energy. Have you noticed when you walked into a store and walked out immediately, and other times when you walked in and stayed longer than you wanted to? How about the time you left work full of motivation to begin a project, but when you got home, you felt tired, plugged yourself into the couch, and watched TV until it was time to go to bed? These are the result of the energy of the space. Also, hidden and exposed clutter will impact your energy. Good energy uplifts you; stagnant energy depletes you.

People looking to do a space clearing usually are feeling stuck in life, unmotivated, and desperate to change how they feel and the results of their lives.

How Stagnant Energy Happens

Every thought we think and emotion we feel leaves an imprint in the space. Some of them are good, and others not so much. Over time these emotional residues, if left in your space, can impact you on many levels.
This energy, also called Qi (pronounced chi), is the life force inside and in our space. Good Qi creates easy flow; stagnant Qi stresses your system. Also, the stagnant energy over time begins to clutter your personal energy physically by making you lethargic, mentally clouding your clarity, and emotionally by influencing optimism and even contributing to depression and anxiety.

One of the reasons for this is the repeated thoughts and emotions people have day after day. Also, the previous occupants of the house left their imprint on the space. The fights, arguments, anxiety, worry, depression, and negative thoughts create invisible dust that can stay in your home for decades. No one wants to be influenced in that way in their own space; we already have our own mess to deal with.

Space clearing will clear these energy blocks that stop the Qi from flowing freely. Then harmony and balance success can effortlessly unfold in your life by clearing the space.

Space Clearing lasts 12 months, most of the time depending on the residents’ energy. When serious illness, divorce, or violence occurs in the home, earlier clearing may be necessary, but it will not last as long as the initial one.

Ana’s Space Clearing includes:

  • A Space clearing
  • A personal clearing for the residents at the end of the session
  • One or two Feng Shui cures to support the intentions of the clearing
  • A Blessing of the home to create a protective energy field
  • A meditation Prescription to support the clearing intentions

The cost of a residence clearing is $300 per hour with a minimum of $750 plus travel based on the number of rooms and the square foot of your home. A two bedroom home can be done within two hours. A 4 bedroom 2500 sq. ft home will take approximately four hours.

Clearing Space for Business

Just like people leave invisible residue in their homes, they do the same at work or when they go about living, like visiting a restaurant or a shop. Their thoughts about how much they dislike their boss or how unfriendly workers are, the business’s energy gets stagnant over time.

Also the previous business energy still linger in the space. If the previous business moved to a larger location , it’s a good energy to inherit. But if the previous business closed because of the negative cash flow, you don’t want to inherit the stress and most important the lack of funds energy.

The goal is to have a balance of yin and yang.

If the business space energy is too YIN, you will experience:

  • Low sales and productivity
  • People procrastinate and are too emotional, have low motivation, are often late and leave early

If the Business space is YANG, you will experience:

  • High turnover, increase in people calling in sick
  • High stress, backstabbing, lack of teamwork
  • People are overwork, lacking of focus and cannot sit still
  • People work hard on the wrong things

A business or office space clearing can create the ideal work space where employees feel motivated to work and customers feel welcomed.

Ana’s Business Space Clearing includes:

  • A Space clearing
  • A personal clearing for the owner or managers of the business at the end of the session
  • Two or Three Feng Shui cures to support the intentions of the clearing
  • A Blessing of the business to create a protective energy field

The cost of a business clearing is $300 per hour with a minimum of $750 plus travel based on the number of rooms and the square foot of your business and the number of offices.

Currently Ana is serving New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont. Please contact us to consider your location.

To book a personal or business session, use the form below to schedule a short consultation to determine if this is the right solution for you.

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