Six Days Left to Benefit from the Energy of Spring.

Spring 2022 is almost gone.  On Tuesday, June 21, eastern time, we will close the window for the Spring and open the doors for the Summer.  But before you rush into the marvelous days of Summer, I want to remind you not to waste the energy of Spring.     

The energy of Spring is beautiful.  You can hear the joy in the air.  Birds sing, trees bud, flowers blooms, and you can smell the freshness of new beginnings.  Also, Hope  sets foot in this season and roots the energy of creation and revival.

ONE – Make Room for New Beginnings.

I would like for all of you to participate in this gorgeous season and inject some of its wisdom into your life.  Who couldn’t benefit from renewal in their finances, relationship, career, health, etc.?

Here are three suggestions for you to get the most and enjoy the benefits of the energy of Spring and improve the quality of your life in the last six days of the season.

First, If you didn’t do a Spring Cleaning in the last two and a half months, here is what you can do in the last days of Spring to create the energy of New Beginnings.  Get rid of 3 items in your life: one large, one medium, and one small.

For large, you could donate the extra couch, the spare bed, or the table stored in the garage, which you don’t use, and any oversized item taking too much space in your home.  Perhaps you could sell your old wedding or engagement ring from the relationship that ended and get rid of anything that carries a heavy sentimental memory that holds you back.

A medium item could be something from your closet.  For example, the old jeans you love but don’t fit, a party dress that brings bad memories, or the jewelry of a previous lover that means nothing to you.

A small item is any broken thing, and the nick-nacks collecting dust and creating clutter in your space.  So donate or toss them, and move on. 

TWO – Put your energy into new beginnings.  

You have officially been invited to plant something you will eat, admire, or share with others.  If you did already, great.  The next time you water them, set the intention for an amazing new beginning in your life.  If you didn’t, you could plant in July, but by planting in the Spring, you are sharing with the Universe your intention to have a new beginning in one of the areas of your life.

You can mark your commitment to this season by planting flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, or a tree.  Do you live in an apartment?  No worries; plant basil; you can even find them in the supermarket.  Suppose you don’t cook, plant flowers or a tree in a nearby park.  The point is to mark your intention and contribution to the energy of New Beginnings, which is heightened in the springtime.

Three.  Dust off your finances with your magic

Who couldn’t use a bit more abundance, right?  The third action to benefit from the beautiful energy of the Spring is to clean your kitchen, specifically the stove, refrigerator, and pantry.  In ancient China and even today around the world, managing the energy of the space is widely practiced with Feng Shui.  This Eastern practice of creating luck, also called positive Qi (pronounced chi), teaches us that the energy of the kitchen and stove is associated with abundance.  If your stove is broken, fix it or get a new one.  If one burner is not functioning, fix it.  If you don’t cook, boil water for tea.  Check your refrigerator for expired or spoiled items, clean it and make room for more.  Also, check your pantry.  In ancient times, where you cooked your meals was the most important area for the flow of abundance.

I meant to publish the complete Spring To-Do List in March, but I didn’t get around to it.   So here are the three basic things to do in the spring.  It will only take about one hour each.  Could you find three hours in the next six days to create luck in your life?

Enjoy the last six days of Spring and Have a happy New Beginning Ps: The Summer is the Energy of Expansion.  Stay tuned for how to benefit from the energy of the Summer.  If you are starting your own business or looking for growth in some areas, that blog will be for you.

Learn how to clear and create a sacred space in your home with Feng Shui in Chapter 1 and how to release physical clutter in Chapter 2.

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