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5 Feng Shui Remedies to increase your energy of prosperity in 2019

While the January New Year resolutions fade away, today we celebrate the Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year.

The Chinese New Year in 2019 starts on Tuesday, February 5th and ends on January 24th, 2020

This annual celebration is marked by a different animal in the Zodiac calendar each year. There are a few variations of the story of how the animals were selected.

The most spread one is the legend about the Jade Emperor (The Emperor in Heaven in Chinese folklore) who ordered that animals would be designated as calendar signs and the twelve that arrived first would be selected.

The animals arrived in the following order:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

This year is the year of the Pig, which is the last Zodiac animal in the Chinese lunar calendar.

According to the Chinese astrology, 2019 is a great year to make money, and a good year to invest! 2019 is going to be full of joy, a year of friendship and love for all the zodiac signs; an auspicious year because the Pig attracts success in all the spheres of life.

A Sneak Peek of What Year 2019 Will Be Like for You from the Chinese Zodiac.

Rat – A year full of happiness and prosperity!

Ox – A good year for Ox. A time with good opportunities to make money.

Tiger – Born in a strong and independent zodiac sign, as a general rule, you do what you please. Throughout this year, you will need to learn how to come to terms with others.

Rabbit – An excellent year is waiting for you! A bit less wary than usual, you will easily get close to others and make new friends.

Dragon – For you, the impact of the Pig’s calmness will mean a year of reconsiderations.

Snake – This year you’ll have to be combative and persuasive

Horse – The year of the Pig 2019 is going to be more auspicious than the Dog Year 2018!

Goat – A 2019 year under the mark of chance, when all your ambitions will be fulfilled.

Monkey – A year under the influence of chance!

Rooster – This year you need to actually pay attention to the quality of your relationships with others if you want to succeed.

Dog – This year count only on your own efforts in order to succeed.

Pig – The year 2019 is yours, right? Start by setting your priorities and then get to work: once you start moving, you will start seeing results.

Feng Shui in the Year of the Earth Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 8Lucky Colors: yellow, gray, brown, golden

Lucky Days: the 2nd, the 7th, the 10th, the 11th day of every month of the Chinese calendar.

Find your Sign:


2019 Feng Shui Remedies for Prosperity

1. Place crystals (the most expense crystals you can afford) in the left furthest corner of the kitchen or hang them on the windows.

2. Place 3 pennies under the outside front door mat, 3 pennies under the inside front door mat and 3 pennies in the finance corner of the house.

3. Create a money jar and place in the finance corner of your house or bedroom. Drop all spare changes you have on the jar.

4. Make a point of donating money, old regarded items or things you have in excess to the needed. It will enforce your energy of prosperity to the universe.

5. Place a healthy jade plant in house and care for it.

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