12 Questions We Must Ask Ourselves Before We Begin to Change

Another year is almost over and the last New Year’s resolutions have been forgotten in the garage of our minds. We might have planned to lose the weight, save money to buy a house, get in shape, go back to school to finish the degree, change the jobs, or end the long-term relationship that is going nowhere, and nothing happened. Everything stayed about the same just like the previous years. 

According to the US News, about 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. I believe that New Year’s resolutions don’t stick because of one of these fours reasons:

One – People forget;
Two – People don’t believe they can achieve it;
Three – The resolution doesn’t match their true inner values;
Four – People change their minds.

Everything we do in life is because we believe it will better our lives and we will be happier as a result. People are prompt to forget everything. Life gets busy, and it’s okay to ignore or change the decisions we made January 1st by February. Social media alone distract people before breakfast. According to the Statista, 77% of Americans have a social media profile.

More importantly, people ditch their New Year’s decisions because they forget “Why” they made a resolution, and although we can’t fault them, it will lead them to have the same lives year after year.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

When you look into the people who commit to achieving their goals, you will find that they remember why they wanted what they wanted. They were fuel by emotions. You will also see that they create systems that work for them and helped stay on track. These individuals have major clarity about their paths and their personal values.

Regardless of what happened last year, and before we get too busy with holiday parties and long lines for returns, we could ensure the new year will not be a repetition of the previous year. We can also begin today and not wait for January 1st.

Downloaded the Women’s Guide “12 Questions We Must Ask Ourselves Before the New Year.” It will help you align your actions with your intentions, set meaningful goals and become the better version of you.

The “12 Questions We Must Ask Ourselves Before the New Year” Guide is a 7-page booklet that will help you be crystal clear about your intentions,
help you dive deep into your life, learn your whys, re-set your mindset, and set goals that are aligned with who you are becoming as you reach your goals. The guide is part of the “Bring Your Best Self Forward to Live the Best Year of Your Life” pilot program starting January 1st, 2019.

Once you download the guide, please set aside 30 minutes to complete this mindful exercise. Set the space to be alone with your thoughts. Be willing to be present and honest with yourself. This transformational tool works best when you are ready to commit to being your best supporter.

The full guide will give you additional directions on how to answer each question for your maximum benefit.  

Here are the 12 questions.  Remember to download
the full guide before answering them.

1.     When I look at the past year, what can I celebrate?

2.     When I review the past year, what sucked? What I can’t wait to release?

3.     Did I give me the support I needed or did I let myself down?

4.     Did I trust myself?

5.     Did I share any of my gifts? If yes, how?  If no, why?

6.     What past goals and attitudes am I willing to let go today without resentment or regret?

7.     How can I close this year with gratitude? List all of the good and not so good things that happened to you that you are grateful for.

8.     How do I intend to live in the new year?  What is my overall intention for the year?

9.     If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I do in the next year?  What am I willing to commit to myself and the universe as my goals?  List one to three goals (What, how, by when)

10.  How can I show myself and the universe that I am 100% committed to reaching my goals for the next year? What daily, weekly or monthly actions will show me my commitment to myself?   

11.  How do I plan to share my gifts in 2019? How do I make a contribution to humanity?  It doesn’t need to be part of your goals, however, your improved life quality will be related to what you do for others.

12.  What attitudes am I willing to embrace to be my best supporter, partner, and guide to improve the overall quality of my life?

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