How to Change Your Life For Less Than The Price of a Cup of Coffee


I am absolutely thrilled to offer the Kindle version of my book “Women, Rice and Beans” for just $1.99 this weekend only – January 6 thru January 8, 2017.  Happy New Year to us!

Recently, my friend asked me what I planned to accomplish with this book.  My answer: Share the knowledge!  The more women know, the better we do.  The better women do, the better the world becomes.  I know… it’s a bit ambitious but I am not alone when I believe that when women have the right resources, their tribes thrive. And you, me, our daughters and everyone thereafter!

There is no better time for women to find their true voice, create their sacred space, own their inner desires and feel comfortable being who they are becoming on the journey of discovery. It’s our time!  It’s our time to find our own happiness and be able to name it unapologetically.   Most of what we think and do every second has been conditioned into us by other women and their perception of what is possible. Some were really good and some not so much.

Let’s create the support we need to feel courageous, to feel happy, to free our inner resources and access our powers. Change starts with us.

So, can you really change your life for less than the price of a cup of coffee?  YES. Get your Amazon gift cards out and put for a good use!

Please help me spread my message and spend $1.99 on you or on a girlfriend.

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