You Got Happy Mail! (Best Mother’s Day Giveaway)

Let’s face it; many people don’t know what to say or do when someone close is suffering. Jen’s Happy Mail can be that act of kindness that people expect and often don’t know how to ask.

Body, Mind & Wisdom My vision is to create a safe space where women can learn, ask questions, overcome their fears, release their insecurities and be inspired to live a great life wherever they are in the world. The BMWisdom School is a online school with free and paid classes that can be accessed from … Continue reading

Mulheres, Arroz e Feijão

Em breve...                          Traduzido em Português "Mulheres, Arroz e Feijão - 9 Sabedorias Para as Mulhers de Hoje e Amanhã" Nossas maiores lutas na vida são amplificadas pelas crenças, atitudes e emoções que aprendemos na infância. Embora as lições não sejam todas ruins, algumas … Continue reading Mulheres, Arroz e Feijão

How to Change Your Life For Less Than The Price of a Cup of Coffee

There is no better time for women to find their true voice, create their sacred space, own their inner desires and feel comfortable being who they are becoming on the journey of discovery. It's our time! It's our time to find our own happiness and be able to name it unapologetically.