Kindness – A Lesson for Humanity

Kindness is a fantastic thing. There is an old story about her that is a lesson for humanity.

Once Upon a time, Kindness walked through the door and said to the people in the house. “I’m home.”

People looked her up for a second and went on to mind their business.

Kindness was filled with optimism, and enthusiasm greeted each person in the house. Each individual politely greeted her back, but they quickly returned to their affairs.

Kindness decided to open the windows to let fresh air in. The people were a bit annoyed at first that the bugs would come in but let her do her thing and enjoyed the gentle breeze.

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Then Kindness started to clean the house. She vacuumed, mopped, dusted, and washed everything that needed a little attention. The people just moved over so she could do her thing.

Then Kindness cooked a meal, opened a bottle of wine, and invited everyone to the table. The people came, ate, and left empty seats in the dining room as fast as they could.

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Kindness cleared the table, washed the dishes, and tidy up the kitchen. The people didn’t even know.

Lastly, Kindness made some tea, stretched herself on the sun with comfortable pillows, opened a book, and she was just happy.

Most of us would be upset that we did beautiful things for others and didn’t get appreciated, right? But not true Kindness.

Kindness is to the service of others and an individual state of the heart. Not everyone will perceive her, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy your deeds.

Uplift your heart today by doing an act of Kindness.
Happy World Kindness Day!

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