What about Love?

“Why does Love end?” Asked the young Sparrow to the Owl

“Who told you that Love has an end?” – Reply the Owl

“No one, I just deduced.” – continued the Sparrow. Some days the energy of Love is around, and I’m able to fly free and high. Other days, the air is so thick that it hurts to flap my wings.

The Owl got very close to the Sparrow and whispered softly into her ear:

“Love has no beginning and no end. Love is. Love has always been and always will be. Love does transform, and when it does, it cannot carry couples along that are emotionally apart. Nevertheless, it is Love still.  What drags your wings is not Love but resentment. The Love that has transformed is still around, but people choose to punish, hate, hurt, and begrudge past lovers.   It makes me wonder… have they truly loved at all?”

“How do I know if what I feel is the pain of Love transmuting or just resentment, Mr. Owl?”

When we genuinely love someone, we let our lovers choose what is best for them, even if it’s not what we want. True Love calls for us to exercise a type of freedom that is the hardest and the most rewarding. People who love wholesomely accept their lovers’ choice without any ‘buts’ or “however.” They allow their lovers to walk away or stay just because they choose.  

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The Owl continued:

On the other hand, resentment is a prison. People who resent lock themselves inside of the emotional confinement of pain that lingers and weighs the heart. They want their lovers to be and choose differently from who they are. It’s a losing battle.

“Oh boy, Love is complicated.” – added the Sparrow.

The owl looked the Sparrow in the eye and said:

“Only for those who don’t know that Love and freedom are one and the same.” 

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  1. Interesting article about love and freedom. So relevant to me today as I’m making a decision to choose what I want or just let someone be and still understand that love is love.

    Thank you

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