Just Write a Better Story

(An excerpt from “Messages From an Oak Tree”)

Mother Oak said to the young Sophia:

We are the stories we tell ourselves. And we believe all the stories about ourselves because we create them. 

We could create any storyline with happy endings, fairy tales, and happy butterflies, but we don’t.

We could even create beautiful crystal castles, handsome gentlemen, and abundance as wide as sand, but we don’t.  And why?  Because we don’t believe it’s possible as we prepare for the worst.  If only everyone knew that joy is only one thought way.

Before you continue your journey, it would be wise to change your story since you are not feeling the joy. Use your power and become your own heroine, as Joan, Margaret, Amelia, Eleanor, Eve, Kamala, and others.

Who are those women?asked the Sophia

They are timeless warriors.  Some will be in your past and others in your future. You will know about them because they have strong wings. They set open paths of light for those who are hesitating to write a better story.

I understand your fears. Fear is unavoidable, but not a roadblock, said Mother Oak. You don’t need to be rescued because you were born a savior; your own savior.

I don’t know howwhispered Sophia as she glanced at the path ahead of her and sighed.

Begin by falling in love with your future.  Look at your path and create the story of your dreams. Expect to be happy. Unwrap those beautiful heart extensions of yours and exit any gloomy tale you built by accident or lack of faith.

In any case, if you find yourself in the wrong story, abandoned it at once.  Writers do it all the time until they find a storyline that fits the heroine.  You are it; the protagonist and the author of the story.

You don’t have to change all, only the parts that kill your joy. You may have forgotten, but you wanted to laugh, be delighted, hold on to the edge of your seat in excitement, and celebrate your own victories. Don’t hesitate. Surrender to the joy.

And if you get lost or confused in the way, look for the worriers in the sky. They are here to lift others.

Where do I find them? Asked the Sophia

Just look up, and you will see their trails in the sky. It will be a clear path because they followed the tracks that other strong women left behind. You can’t miss them, they are worn with courage and rooted in love.

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