A Women’s Prayer

Words have power.  We often forget that when we judge something as good, we bring those things into our lives the same way we call in the situations we think are bad.

Our words have more power than we credit them, especially when we attach the emotions we feel, then we just increase the outcome we desire or despise with a magnifying power.

I know how hard it is not to complain about the events of our lives.  But, unfortunately, so many of us do it without any thought.  And then boom!  We fall into the trap of experiencing – complaining – experiencing – complaining, etc.  It’s just a vicious cycle, but we can stop it.  And here is one of many ways.

Meditation is a form of prayer, and praying is a form of meditation.

Gratitude magnifies all prayers.

I am not an authority on prayer, but one thing I know in my heart: gratitude magnifies all prayers.  Feeling gratitude for the blessings you asked for is the secret ingredient to the path to peace, resolution, contentment, happiness, and loving life.

 Here is the Woman’s Prayer.  You can listen to it, repeat it after I read,  or read it on paper.  Do it daily if your life is in turmoil, as gratitude is a healing agent.

A WOMAN’S PRAYER (You can download it by clicking on the three dots below)

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