A Thirty-Days Practice of Gratitude to Transform Your Life

I am in Brazil visiting my family, but mostly spending time with my mother. She is almost 85 years young, and she is losing some of the recent memories, logic, and balance. She was recently hospitalized because she took the wrong medication and missed the right ones. After that, I decided to expedite my trip … Continue reading A Thirty-Days Practice of Gratitude to Transform Your Life

The 9 Superpowers of Women

The nurturing power of women is strengthened in motherhood, but you don’t have to be a mother to exercise this power.

Mother-Daughter Wisdom

This is a text I received from daughter Erica: Today, I have to deep clean the house, do a week’s worth of dishes, scrub our bathtub, go shopping for toiletries, complete 40 hours of Grant work by tomorrow, stop the kitten from ripping up the couches and eating my computer chord, and somehow find time … Continue reading Mother-Daughter Wisdom

How Meditation Helped Me Become a Better Mother (It Can Help You Too)

Like the most beginners, I was a “crises-meditator.” That meant that I only meditated when things were pretty bad. Then I became a "frog-meditator."