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My vision is to create a safe space where women can learn, ask questions, overcome their fears, release their insecurities and be inspired to live a great life wherever they are in the world.

The BMWisdom School is a online school with free and paid classes that can be accessed from their bedroom, office, lunch break, library or at any moment they need to hear a few words that can change the trajectory of day, or learn the skills you need to move your life forward.

The school is still in the pilot mode with plans to fully launch in 2020. Learn more about the school here. Sign up here

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Body, Mind & Wisdom is a community for women to share insights on life-balance, relationships, career, spirituality, health, and wellness.

We will share content that contributes to improving the overall quality of life in our homes, community and the planet.  Join here


We uplift each other.  We share openly. We offer support and encouragement. We respect each other.   We share our successes and setbacks.

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