You Got Happy Mail! (Best Mother’s Day Giveaway)

You may have heard me say “Share Your Gifts” and remind you that your gift to humanity is you.  Today, I will share the story of a woman who inspired me with her gifts.  Her name is Jennifer Zahari.  She is the creator and founder of a new business that has a big mission she supports with one gift at a time (literally.)

A little while ago, while working on social media, I came across a posting from Jen’s Happy Mail LLC.  First, I was intrigued by the words “Happy” and “Mail.”  These days our mailboxes are filled with political propaganda, junk mail and the few bills we couldn’t convert to electronic mail. I wouldn’t call those white envelopes and oversized postcards “happy.”

I immediately visited Jen’s Happy Mail website and became inspired by Jen’s passion with a purpose.  And you will be too.

I could try to use some words to describe what I found, but I will let you go and see for yourself at

I browsed her site and then connected with Jen.  When we connected, I witnessed firsthand someone who had a challenging life and persevered by turning her pain into kindness to others.

The passion with A Purpose (Jen’s story)

Jen’s struggled with obesity, anxiety, thyroid cancer (which led to all kinds of hormonal imbalances), and feelings of social disconnection.  During those moments, she recognized how a small act of kindness or show of care could have impacted the direction in those moments.  Jen fought through all of the barriers in front of her, as she did she recognized that often times people struggle with the “how to”. 

She turned her energy into putting together packages using many of the resources she used throughout the years, Jen’s Happy Mail was born.  She knew she wanted to provide tools for people looking for growth but also wanted to give people the opportunity to relax and care for themselves.     As Jen says “Jen’s Happy Mail is that little something unexpected to brighten your day.”  Let’s face it; many people don’t know what to say or do when someone close is suffering.  Jen’s Happy Mail can be that act of kindness that people expect and often don’t know how to ask.

Jen’s goal is to make an impact on Anxiety and loneliness in America.   Whether it be through encouraging words, tools to help get out of that tough spot or a little bit of happiness at your doorstep at the end of a long day.  People supporting people! 

Opening a box of love, support, and friendship

Her gift boxes are specially thought out to support people when they need the most.  Whether someone needs a monthly pick me up or has a friend in need, Jen’s got you covered.  Loneliness, Anxiety, and Depression in America are at all-time highs and climbing.  Jen’s goal is to bring awareness to all of these issues and provide some great tools for people to help get back on track.

Experience Happy at your door

From April 7th through May 5th, Jen and I partnered in creating a giveaway to celebrate our mothers and ourselves.  You will have seven chances to win one of the four Happy Mail Gift Boxes, Jen designed for this occasion.  Enter to win now and share with your friends. 

Also, remember to check out and share with your friends.  Let’s help her share her gifts with the world. When women do well, everyone does well.

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  1. I am so blessed to have you coaching me Ana Barreto.. I love your books, and our sessions are wonderful and helpful to me. I feel I started seeing things clear now. I am doing your 5 meditation every day and being greatful for what I have… Thank you, thank you, thank you

  2. Amber Ludwig says:

    I just adore this idea!! What a great way to show support, love and encouragement!! I think we all need that little extra sometimes.

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