Coming out this Fall…

, Rice and Beans – Ten Wisdoms of a Brazilian Mother for Easy Flow and Conscious Living is coming out in October. 

Throughout history and cultures, women too often are overwhelmed with the work of raising a family, helping in the community, cooking the meals, and doing the housework. (Add working full-time to today’s list.) Putting everyone and everything before ourselves is something we’ve learned from our mothers. But balance, happiness, and peace are possible.

“Women, Rice and Beans” is a inspirational self-help guide that shows readers how to achieve serenity and still live your heart’s desires. I share my experiences of spending my childhood in Brazil before comwrb-coming-sooning to the United States and then traveling back home to care for my ailing mother.

Bonding with my mother I reflect on my life and the lives of many women. The time in Brazil gave the inspiration to came up with ten wisdoms—or affirmations—that I share in my book. The book provides simple exercises for taking care of yourself, meditating, carving out personal space, and reaching for your dreams without being exhausted. The book also guides you on using feng shui, Buddhism, and even principles of quantum physics.

It will lift you up and give you the courage to reach for what you want in life—staying conscious while doing it.


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