The Art of Gratitude – Four Easy Ways to Incorporate a Practice of Gratitude in Your Busy Life

art-of-gratitude One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving is that it reminds busy people to be grateful. We literally stop to remember the people, experiences, and things we have to be grateful for. At turkey time, many people reserve the time to thank God for all the blessings in their lives, the family members, and friends that have stepped into the pool of humanity and up to the challenge of being in our own world of inconsistencies and expectations.

The word Gratitude is a beautiful word.   And it has magic powers.
Gratitude helps people be more of themselves. No one can feel gratitude and be angry, mad or sad at the same time. It is impossible!

Gratitude heals the body, mind and spirit.
Gratitude opens hearts.
Gratitude builds kindness.
The art of gratitude requires very little effort and it creates many blessings.
The emotion of gratitude is innate;
The action of gratitude is consequential and contagious.

Here are four easy Gratitude
Practices that you can start today and build over time.

One – Start Today

On Thanksgiving Day find 20 things
to be grateful for. The energy is high and there are more people open to it.  Name them out loud or write on paper. It helps your conscious and subconscious know where you stand on blessings stick and quick start a practice to stay on the receiving end.

Two – Sleeping with Gratitude

Every night, before going to bed, find 7 things, people or experiences of your day that you are grateful for.  Most people go to bed with the problems of the day.  Invert the problem and go to bed with the blessings of your day.  Your subconscious will find ways to create more blessings the next day.

Three – Birds as Reminders   

Everyday whenever you see a bird anywhere bring to mind one thing, people or experience you are grateful for.  If you see three birds, find three things to be grateful.  This will help you remember how blessed you are regardless of all the problems you have at the moment.

Four – What Gets Celebrated Gets Repeated

When you see a flock of birds feel the joy for the blessings you have been receiving in your life as you practice gratitude. When you begin a practice of gratitude, you will notice more flocks of birds than ever before.  This is the Universe responding to your practice.

What are you grateful for today?

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