Which one of these beds will restore your energy and balance the yin/yang of your bedroom?

If your answer is # 1: Sorry, try again.

If your answer is #3:  Sorry.  You missed

The answer is # 2.  The bed in the picture#2 has three Feng Shui principles that you need to consider when buying a bed to ensure your bedroom has a good energy, is able to flow the “chi” – the life force- freely, and restore you while you are sleeping.bed test results

  1. the bed is off the floor.  The higher the bed the better.
  2. There is no storage or clutter underneath the bed.
  3. The bed has an appropriate size headboard that doesn’t overpower the bed occupants and doesn’t mimic a coffin or prison bars.

The energy of your bedroom is the most important energy of your home when you sleep in that space.  Energy behaves like water, which contracts and expands. It changes color, it nurtures, and it ends. It builds, and it destroys. Yet, it’s a necessary element in everyone’s lives. Energy is also like music. It can impact your mood with happiness or sadness. It can help you relax or drive you crazy. It can soothe you, and it can make you deaf.

Learn more about the energy of your bedroom and how to remedy the energy of your space by attending one of the upcoming workshops or by buying the book “Women, Rice and Beans.”



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