Five Ways to Know If You Are in a Great Relationship (Even if You’re Single)

Relationships are important, especially for women.  They help us become better human beings.  Through our relationships, we connect deeply, learn to give and take and discern what we want by experiencing what we don’t want.

Relationships also bring out the best and the worse in us.  The longer we stay in relationships the more comfortable we become with sharing who we really are, which always leads to conflict.  We blame the “other” for changing when in reality we began to see parts of us reflected back to us.  We want the other to go back to whom they were, but when we change, that’s when we grow and become better people.

We place a high value on our relationships with others.  However, there is one relationship that is more important than all: the relationship we have with ourselves.  Here are five clues to know if you have a great relationship with yourself:

You love yourself. 

When you have a great relationship with yourself, you love the crooked toes, the flap ears, the big eyes, the small breast, the big behind, the skinny legs, the fat stomach, the short legs, wide hips, etc… There are love and acceptance in every little inch of your body.  When you look in the mirror, there is love reflecting back in your eyes.

You are kind to yourself.woman receiving

Kindness is a daily practice when you have a great relationship with yourself. You cut yourself brakes. You give yourself words of encouragement.  You practice patience with yourself. Your self-talk is nurturing.  You treat your body well; you drink water when you are thirsty, eat feed when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired and know your priorities.

You know you are enough.

When you have a great relationship with yourself you know you are enough and have nothing to prove to anyone.  Your thoughts, words, and actions are in congruence with your truth. You may have nice things but they don’t define who you are.  You let go of things, people and emotions easily because you don’t need to protect what is rightfully yours. You know you matter just as much as everyone.

You give yourself space.meditation-in-bed

When you have a great relationship with yourself, you take time alone to connect with your inner spirit.  You like the companies of others, but the time you take to read, pray, meditate, nap and reflect helps you appreciate the company of others because you have enough presence to give back.

You are in a good mood.

happy woman -good moodYour mood is an indication of the relationship you have with you. Your mood is your filtered view of life.  Angry, sad and judgmental filters create a bad mood.  Joy, laughter, and happiness create a good mood.  When you stay in a good mood often or for an extended period of time, you are telling yourself that you believe in you and in life.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important relationship we have.  This relationship needs time, nurture and patience from us.  You cannot just break-up with yourself. If you think you need to improve your relationship with you, tune in next week to learn how to change and create loving relationships all around, even romantic ones that start with you.

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