6 Ways Women Get to the Next Level

Whatever your next level is, here are the six mindset changes that can get you there:


Stop saying “I’m sorry,” instead, use “excuse me,” because it’s more empowering.  I learned that from Heather Monahan, the Boss in Heels.  It makes sense.  You don’t have to apologize for moving forward, for having to say no, or for asking for more. When you are congruent with you are, you don’t do anything that needs apologies.

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Stop obsessing at what others are doing and focus on your own ceiling. When you pay attention to their successes and compare yourself to others, you deplete your energy that can fuel your next win.  Celebrate their accomplishments, yet mind your business.


Build your capacity.  Working above your head will keep you on your toes.  When women work with stretch goals, even if they don’t share them with others, they improve their ability not to do more, but to grow.  Growth comes by being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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Build resilience.  Setbacks can either hurt or help you. You choose whether you want to feel sorry for yourself or dust yourself off and learn forward.  More achievements have been made by people who have failed and got back up.

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Be yourself. There is only one thing in the entire universe that cannot be duplicated:  you. Your gift to the world is unique, special and extensive. Own it, use it and share it.  People may try to imitate you but they will not succeed.  If you are not being yourself, who is?

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Know your north inner-star. Most women know their northern path, but not their inner alignment. Your inner-alignment reasons with the heart and not with what your parents, families, friends, and culture may dictate of you. Knowing this truth can be the difference in traveling for years and ending up being okay when you wanted to be really happy.

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