How to change your energy in three minutes or less during the winter

I was snowed in yesterday. New York got stricken white this winter, and so did Massachusetts.

Last month I increased my contemplation of moving to Tahiti. Recently, I changed it to Hawaii, and this morning when my crabapple tree branches were touching the ground because of the massive snow, I added St. Augustine to list. It would just happen faster.

I used to like snow. It’s beautiful, peaceful and almost zen-like as it gracefully falls on the ground surrendering their individual uniqueness to the fluffy pile of white. But I am “snowed- out.” And being Brazilian makes things a bit colder, and whiter than it actually is. My friend who lives on a 10-acre property sent me a picture of her front yard that needed plowing. Zen vibes were not the words she attached to the text.

Just a few minutes ago, my daughter who is attending college in Massachusetts sent me a quick video of her car completely buried by snow. She is graduating this May and has been stressed and burned out with her workload to keep her dean’s list status.


So I told her to change her energy by finding ten things to be grateful for. It’s not wise to deplete the already low energy with complaints. I even gave her the number one on her list. She has a car. 67% of the world’s population will depend on public transportation. Many will have to walk miles to reach it.

Then, I looked at myself and decided to change my own energy about snow and count my blessings. Here is my list I came up with less than three minutes (without the writing.)

  1.  I have a car.
  2.  I have a home.
  3.  I have heat and means to pay for it.
  4.  I have water running from the faucet and shower head. (I can take long showers)
  5.  I have food in the refrigerator, and the pantry – Some will end up in the garbage by Sunday.
  6.  I have relationships. There amazing people in my life.
  7.  I have the opportunity for conveniences such as electricity, phone, computers, stove, airplanes, and refrigerators.
  8. I have shoes, a full closet and a bag of clothing donations in the car that will have a new future.
  9.  I have a job which gives me ways to contribute to society, take vacations and visit St. Augustine.
  10.  I have access to education which helps me learn ways in which I can become a better human being and stop complaining.
count your blessings

These are just ten things that make me one of the wealthiest women in the world.

What’s on your list?

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