When Science Meets Spirituality: An Easy Practice to Find Your Truth

Most of the time, we don't trust the answer we receive because it is not what we want to hear. Many people will run to mediums, psychic, tarot card readers and others to delegate the answer we need to hear from within.

12 Questions We Must Ask Ourselves Before We Begin to Change

Another year is almost over and the last New Year’s resolutions have been forgotten in the garage of our minds. We might have planned to lose the weight, save money to buy a house, get in shape, go back to school to finish the degree, change the jobs, or end the long-term relationship that is … Continue reading 12 Questions We Must Ask Ourselves Before We Begin to Change

5 Mindful-Minute Exercises that Boost Your Emotional Intelligence and Personal Power

Emotional Intelligence is a trait we find undeveloped in many women. There are many ways to develop the skill.  The more you practice, the better you will become.

4 Simple Ways to Know If You Really Believe in Yourself

People who believe in themselves tend to act on the small impulses that they receive from time to time. It is like there is an invisible force (and there is one) pushing them to take action on ideas they had just a week ago.