You’ll never guess what happened on my walk tonight… by Berdine Bronkhorst

I live on a beautiful golf course. Sometimes I feel the need to stop whatever I’m doing, put on my tekkies and go for a walk. I did exactly that tonight. The views didn’t disappoint. There was something magical in the air and then this happened…

As I reached the house-section of the estate I  heard people singing. I first thought it was someone’s music being too loud but as I got closer, I could hear it was people singing live and it was coming from someone’s back garden. As luck would have it, there was a lady who stepped out to take a phone call and her call ended as I approached her. She must’ve seen the excitement on my face because she invited me in to go and listen

Life doesn’t care if you are dressed for it or not

Let me just stop here to say that I was definitely not dressed for the occasion. I was wearing gym clothes, no makeup, sweating a little from the walk and needless to say completely underdressed. But life doesn’t care what you are wearing. And when life asks you to join in, to give up your place on the sideline, and go and experience the joy, you can’t say no. So, I went in. 

If you know me even a little bit, you would know how much I love singing. It probably comes from signing in a church choir for many years and my first love being a musician and serenading me whenever he wanted to make my day (which was often).

So here I walked in on a private concert with musicians singing and putting on a great show. One of the guests there, I was told, was a famous singer from the Congo, so everyone was “vibing” and showing what they could do. I ended up dancing on the stage for a song or two, after some encouragement from my gracious host. How crazy is that?

What an incredibly delightful experience! I left half an hour or so later, wondering how I got so lucky

What if we’re missing the magic?

It got me thinking… What if life is trying to delight and surprise us around every corner? And what if life is speaking to us in the gentle nudges that we miss because we are too busy, we aren’t dressed for the occasion, we don’t feel we look the part, we feel we can’t impose or we’re playing it safe on the sideline? 

Listen to life’s nudges

My invitation to you is to listen to life’s gentle nudges and whispers this week. Maybe it is to turn down a road you’ve never driven before. Maybe it is to phone someone that you haven’t spoken to in a long time and for some reason, they are on your mind. Maybe it is to leave the lunch you packed and always have alone at your desk to go join a couple of colleagues at the canteen. Maybe it is to reply to my invitation below. Whatever it is, let this be a week of saying yes and following the nudges!

You might just be pleasantly surprised and delighted!

About Berdine:

Berdine Bronkhorst is the owner and coach of InVision Coaching, established in July 2007. Berdine completed her studies through the Consciousness Coaching Academy and received her international coach diplomas as well as her Consciousness Coaching® Accreditation in 2007.  Berdine is a former attorney who qualified as an Executive Strengths Coach in 2013 with The Strengths Institute of South Africa. She is also an internationally qualified Gallup Certified Strengths Coach since 2016. Apart from coaching experience, Berdine also qualified as a Psych-K practitioner in 2012 and an Access Bars practitioner in 2017.

Berdine is skilled in activating individuals’ potential, creating the space for them to identify their most inspiring vision and supporting them to take massive action to make it happen.  She uses her skills as a professional coach and facilitator to assist individuals to firstly know who they are, what they have to offer, what their strengths are, what their vision is and lift their engagement to such a level where they go above and beyond what they think is possible for themselves whilst maintaining a balanced approach.  Her vision is to create empowered individuals that are clear on their purpose, their goals, their vision and the difference they want to make in the world.

To learn more about Berdine or book an exploration session, visit or contact her at

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