Reminding the Women of the World

Today, we celebrate all the women who came before us, ourselves and the women of tomorrow. As we support each other and our continued development, we are reminded that education and inspiration can become the means for transformation. Sometimes, one word, one gesture or one thought can go along away.

Our talents are not ours to keep but to be shared and to contribute to the betterment of the world.

With this thought, the kindle version of my books “Women, Rice and Beans” and “Self-Trust” are available at Amazon for free today. I trust that the women who need the message will find it easily.

Please share this post and remind our mothers, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends that we hold the heart of humanity. When we are well, everyone is well.

Creating a safe, sacred and inspiring space for us to recharge, renew and retreat is no longer a luxury; it’s our responsibility. We signed up it for before we came into the world knowingly that it wouldn’t be easy, but it would be worth.

Again, the free books will be available today only, March 8th.

Take it if you need and share if you feel called to.

Have an amazing Women’s Day!

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