Making Space for a Loving Relationship

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It’s about the quality of your life

Our relationships tell alot about our happiness. The way we view our relationships can gives satisfaction or grief. We first learn basic relationship skills from our parents. Let’s face it, some of the relationship lessons we learned accidentally by osmosys may not have been the best lessons and may not serve us that well today.

Instead of blaming , let’s take the opportunity to release our relationship wounds and review the real lessons our romances have taught us. We all have an eternity to attract the love we desire but we don’t need to postpone any longer.

This class will teach you a process to help you release your past relationships, understand what those relationships were trying to tell you, and clear your romantic energy to attract the relationship you envision.

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  1. berdinebeckett434 says:

    Dearest Ana,

    Thank you very much for the lovely meditation about making space for a loving relationship. You have a beautiful voice and I found the process easy to follow and I did all the exercises. I was surprised to see what came up from past relationships and found the release of old patterns and thoughts about relationships very easy. I did the mediation on Monday and on Thursday I was standing in a que getting my car license renewed. There were two gentlemen in front of me and we started talking. When the one gentleman was about to leave he came over to me to introduce himself properly and asked for my number. It was the first time ever that anyone has asked for my number. I knew instantly that something shifted in me and I knew it was also related to this mediation. Thank you so much for helping me see that that is possible and it can be as easy as that! 😊 I look forward to see what else is in store.


    Johannesburg, South Africa

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