Women, Jobs, and Meditation

Women, Jobs and Meditation

(Why Women Really Need Meditation These Days)

Good morning, my friend. 

Perhaps you are reading this post in the afternoon or even in the evening.  Maybe you wonder why I wished you good morning when it’s definitely not a morning where you are and at least in half of the globe. 

Perhaps I lost sense of time, or I live on the opposite side of the planet from where you are.

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We all have been a bit off lately.    These days, wishing a good morning to someone is a rare occasion since many people are home alone and unemployed, and the other half are working from home with little outside contact.  The social interaction of having coffee and chatting about the weather, Netflix, politics is not happening.  Most of us are wearing a mask; a few are wearing two masks for protection and muffin their discontent about COVID and how it interfered in our lives for over a year. (unconsciously, of course) .

A few days ago, I got a letter from the Labor Department.  Someone applied for unemployment under my name.  Fortunately, I was the few lucky ones who didn’t lose a job during COVID.  I called the Fraud Hotline, and no one picked up.  It was Saturday, and I forgot.

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The fun weekends have become endless weekdays, with days blending together. Fridays don’t feel like Fridays, and neither do Sundays. I could call today “Anaday,” and perhaps a few people wouldn’t know the difference. Just like wishing you good morning when it could be afternoon is perfectly acceptable when time is off and out of alignment with our expectations. And no one knows what to expect.

On the other side of COVID, the break from time was a blessing in disguise for some.  Being on the clock for long hours on a job they didn’t enjoy and then unofficially clocking in after 5pm for a second unpaid shift was the daily routine for many women. 

Last year I watched reports of women who had to resigns from their jobs when childcare wasn’t available, and their employer could not work with their new schedules because the job was not their number one priority.  Many were fired. 

Women, Jobs and Meditation

I heard the desperation of many voices wondering how they would manage their job, the children, and the home while working from home.  Many had to begin working at 6 AM to be able to school their children. At 8 PM, they were still working at their jobs feeling depleted, defeated, and guilty for not being fully present in any area of their lives.  My niece missed two weeks of online classes because her parents had meetings precisely at the same time. It seems that the boundaries for work/life balance for women who kept their jobs during COVID, became complicated. Many thought that working from home would be a blessing, but they didn’t count on the children, the schoolwork, the partner, and elderly relatives being around.

COVID was right.  Change happens in a blink of an eye just to test our priorities.  If you didn’t know what was important to you then, COVID forced you to decide.

Where do you lean?  Where do you put your essence when the world seems to fall apart?  After 12 months, many people still don’t have an answer.  They are hesitating to return to a job they didn’t like but had decent pay.  Others are taking a chance on something new without the investment of their heart and soul as an alternative to not return to a job they hated and make money again. Many are sitting back and collecting unemployment for as long they can. It beats going back to misery. 

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My friend Mary took any job while waiting for the previous position to return as many people did.  It was comfortable; why not?  Some learned appreciation for their job while many are collecting partial unemployment even though full work is available.  People will do what they know.  This is not a judgment but a mindful alert.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but my experience tells me that many will end up in another job they hate because they didn’t take the time to exam their lives.   It’s a sign of disconnection between the individual and their essence. The way we contribute to life is through what we do.  We don’t live life to its fullest when we hate what we do or do nothing because we can’t withstand it; both take the majority of the hours of the day.

If you are in any of these states, I wish you a good morning and please read on. 

Rebel On! Stillness is a rebellious act

It’s morning at any time of the day when you do at least 8 minutes of Meditation to reset your own clock.  You can also reset your mind and emotions.  When you experience a crisp morning, that state of a new day, a new beginning that calms the feelings before the stress rushes in, it can be achieved with Meditation.  You pause, stay quiet, and concentrate on your breath. 

Science has confirmed the many benefits of Meditation, and you can Google it now. There are positive studies for 15 minutes of Meditation, but 8 minutes is a good beginning.  The case I bring to mind is CLARITY.

These times, we must find clarity in our lives.  We need to know who we are, what we want, and how to be.  These days, Meditation can be the oxygen mask on a rapid descending plane or the water in the desert when you have been wandering in life.

For hundreds of thousands of people who have a regular meditation practice, Meditation helped us create a better relationship with everything and everyone, including what we do for a living, and how we set priorities and boundaries.  It has enabled us to connect the better part of us—the part of us who knows the answers for every problem. In Meditation, you will have all the answers that even Google doesn’t know how to ask. It will save a lot of time.

I would love to tell you that you will change your life the first day you meditate for 8 minutes, but it won’t.  It will give you a small glimpse of light, perhaps strong enough to be patient with the children. And if you do 8 more minutes the next day, the hint of light will get a little wider but not large enough to solve your all your problems.  You will need a continuous practice of Meditation to find the clarity you seek. 

After a while, you will be amazed to find that 8 minutes will be too short and you will love the way you feel. And before you know, you will be meditating for 30 minutes effortlessly.  It will definitely improve the way you feel, think, make decisions, deal with stress, work, manage the family, and choose a job.  But the best thing about Meditation is that Meditation will get you quiet enough to hear your inner guidance and strong enough to trust and follow what you hear.

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Good morning, my friend.  Get a good morning meditation any time of the day today. 

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