Three Steps for a Super Life

I have been a big fan of Suze Orman for years. Her teachings were instrumental in my financial success. I can hear her voice in my head when I manage money.

I recommended Suze in my latest book, “The Nine Powers of Women,” as a resource in Chapter One, the Power of Nurturing under the Self-Care and Money.

This past Sunday, as I’m listing to her podcast for women – and men smart enough to listen- she touched on three of the Nine Powers of Women:

  • The Power of Nurture
  • The Power of Confidence
  • The Power of Authenticity

I won’t spoil the episode by writing about it.

It’s best that you listen and subscribe to her podcast. She is a funny, intelligent, inspiring, and no-nonsense kind of woman. She and her partner KT will get you on the road to financial freedom regardless where you are. Here is a link to The last episode.

Happy listening.

PS. Get a pen and paper handy when you listen to every podcast.

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