How to Eat Hope for Breakfast

Happy New Year!  Many of you started a New Year’s resolution today or will do it this upcoming Monday.  People will go on a diet, exercise more, find the love of their life, change jobs, make more money, or do some type of action they believe will improve the quality of their life.  Their determination is inspiring…

After the first week, 75% of New Year’s resolutions are still thriving.  After a month, 64% will keep their promise to themselves, and by the end of six months, 46% will be still on track.  And then, when we reach the end of the year, only 9% of the New Year’s resolution will survive.

New Year’s resolutions tend not to work.  But, having goals is better than not having any.  I find the tough restrictions resolutions bring a bit too much for most people.  But what if you added science and a bit of spirituality to them?  This is my New Year’s advice for you.  Why?  Studies show that happy people will keep their promises for themselves.

Listen to this inspirational talk and give your goals a try.

Have a truly remarkable 2022!  I am planning on it.

Listen the Talk Here

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  1. Dear Ana. Let me say that ,even though I follow you on IG this is the first time I have listened to you. My, what a wonderful soothing voice you have.
    I love the analogy of hope and breakfast Hope is my friend but put this way I can see it as my very best friend.

    Tomorrow and all the other tomorrow’s I will be having Hope for breakfast.

    Thank you
    Best wishes

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