Is Your Home Sabotaging Your Intentions? Six Ways to Rescue Yourself and Your Family From Depressing Energy

Last year, I called my friend John out of the blue and found out he had fallen down the stairs a few days before. He broke several ribs, an arm, and a neck bone. The doctor said he was lucky – if you’re going to break bones, those are the ones to break.

John was eager to heal but frustrated that recovery would sideline him for months. I asked why he thought he created this accident. As close friends, we could deeply discuss metaphysical perspectives.

John had just returned from a 4-month trip to Thailand. There, he was active daily, ate clean, plant-based foods, and lost 20 pounds effortlessly. He intended to continue his healthy lifestyle back home in New York.

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But his first weeks back were rough. Cold, rainy, even blizzards. The week John fell was the first sunny one. He made plans to walk and bike every day. Yet he lacked the energy to follow through.

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I asked about John’s home environment. He admitted his house was chaotic since his return. His housekeeper couldn’t visit so clutter built up. The bedroom was the worst – TV on the shelf, books and clothes piled on the floor.

His living room overflowed with unopened mail and papers. John didn’t have enough storage space, so clutter was everywhere.

Before Thailand, John was sedentary, ate poorly and watched too much TV. This unhealthy lifestyle fused into the energy of his home. In Thailand, John’s environment supported his intentions. Back home, his messy, chaotic space depleted his energy and motivation.

Our homes absorb our patterns – good and bad – and reflect them back to us. John’s unkempt home sabotaged his health goals. The environment literally demotivated him from walking and eating well.

Clutter carries stuck energy. John’s home environment needed purification so it could uplift him again. I suggested feng shui cures like rearranging his bedroom, decluttering and adding plants. He committed to daily walks to re-pattern his home’s energy.

John’s story is common. We return from retreats and vacations renewed but often revert to old ways unless we transform our space.

Don’t let your home sabotage you. Apply feng shui principles to ensure your space supports your highest intentions.

Our homes have an energy of their own, almost like a living entity. This energy, whether uplifting or depressing, can profoundly impact our mood, motivation, and ability to follow through on goals. If your home’s energy feels stagnant, dense, or heavy, it may be sabotaging your best intentions without you even realizing it.

Most of us spend a majority of our time at home. So if that space is filled with depressing energy, it takes a real toll on our psyche and vibration. We may start each day feeling motivated to eat healthy, exercise, or work on a passion project. But once we walk through the door, the energy drags us down. Suddenly we lose inspiration and instead procrastinate, grab unhealthy snacks, or zone out in front of the TV.

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The subtle energetic influence of our homes is powerful. Ever notice how you feel lighter and more positive when staying in a good hotel or friend’s home? That’s the impact of energy. Your own space may have gradually accumulated negative energy from stressful events, clutter, or not properly honoring the passing of loved ones. This energy infects the whole family, slowing you down, demotivating you, and sometimes even causing arguments and discord.

The good news is that with some simple feng shui principles, you can transform the energy of your home from a barrier to an ally in achieving your goals. Here are six powerful ways to revive the energy in your space so you and your family can thrive:

1. Do an intensive deep clean. On a weekend, dedicate time to thoroughly cleaning every corner of your home – walls, floors, windows, cabinets, furniture, appliances, you name it. Think spring cleaning on steroids. Physically cleaning every nook and cranny helps wipe away stuck energy and opens the space for positive change. Make it a ritual to declutter and deeply cleanse your home a few times a year.

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2. Rearrange and move furniture. Shifting the layout disrupts old energy patterns that may be keeping you stuck. Feng shui recommends positioning your bed so the head faces the door or a positive direction based on your birthday.  Also, orienting sofas and chairs to face the entryway of the room (but not directly in line with the door).

3. Remove clutter from your space. Excess stuff symbolizes stagnation and blocks fresh energy from entering. Make decluttering closets, surfaces, and storage areas a priority. Start with your bedroom as this personal sanctuary sets the energy for the whole home. Evaluate items – donate or sell what you no longer love or use. Organize the remainder so everything has a home.

4. Bring in strategic pops of yellow. In feng shui, the color yellow represents new beginnings, optimism, and inspiration. Add bursts of this uplifting shade through pillows, throws, flowers, or artwork. Use yellow in spaces where you want to cultivate positive intentions, like your office, kitchen, or bedroom. Let the color energize you. PS: Only if you like the color yellow.  If you don’t, forget this rule.

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5. Check wall décor and artwork. What images or art have you surrounded yourself with? Critically evaluate if these pieces make you feel upbeat when you see them or if they trigger stress, sadness or painful memories.  Pictures of sad and lonely women, old broken boats, etc. will not help the energy.  Our subconscious is impacted by the images we live with. Surround yourself with wall art, photos and décor that inspire joy, possibilities, and your dreams.

6. Use energy-clearing tools. After doing intensive cleansing and decluttering, further elevate your home’s energy with sage sticks, bells, singing bowls, holly water, clapping, drumming, diffusing uplifting essential oils like lemon or lavender, or visualization. State intentions out loud to fill the space with positive energy. Repeat energy-clearing rituals whenever the space needs a boost.

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Give your home extra love after returning from a trip. The contrast of being away and then coming back to lower energy is extra jarring. You’ll likely need to devote time to thoroughly clean, declutter, and smudge the space with sage to revive it. Like resetting a phone, give your home a reboot.

You will have more personal power to create the life you intend to live when your environment supports you.  Use these suggestions, and do them at a comfortable pace.  Start with your bedroom.  This will give you the biggest benefit for your efforts immediately.  Feng Shui works fast and based on the level of intention you have.  Expect results in 8 hours, 8 days, 8 weeks, or 8 months. 

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Be patient and persistent in your efforts. It may take repeated energy-clearing sessions and living cleaner/more organized before you feel real shifts. But with focused intention and implementing these feng shui cures, you can transform the energy of your home from a barrier to an ally in achieving your goals. The result is a living environment that uplifts and supports you, your family, and your dreams. Don’t let your home sabotage you – revive it instead!
Every time you work with the energy of your home, you strengthen your energy.  And every time you work with your energy, you enhance your home’s energy.  It’s a lovely dance.

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