The Universe Has Your Back: How to Create Heart Anchors for Joy, Love, and Gratitude

Dreams are more than surfacing unresolved issues.  They are messages, signs, nudges, inspirations, a glance at past lives, and more.  So if you don’t believe it, just read it through, and then “make up” your heart.” Your mind may already be made up, so open the path to hear what your heart has to say about it.

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For years I had repeated vivid dreams of a place by the sea.  I could see myself sitting on the grass, admiring the hues of blue waters and majestic sky. I knew that i didn’t own that place. I suspected it was somewhere in Greece. I never visited the country, but I’ve seen photos in social media and magazines.  

I was sure I would visit it one day, even though I didn’t know where it was exactly.  My certainty comes from a past magical experience.   I am a Carioca, a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  In February 1988, I had a lucid dream of myself in New York.   In that half-awake, half-dreaming state, I spoke English, and the people understood me.  However, I, the 19-year-old Brazilian in Rio de Janeiro, didn’t know what I was saying.  So when I came out of the experience, I said: E…, eu vou pra Nova York, which translates, Oh, I’m going to New York.  I didn’t intend to travel or have the money at that time.

mountain range and body of water

On May 28, 1988, I arrived at JFK Airport in New York.  Two weeks later, I recognized the place in my lucid dream: Mamaroneck, NY, a suburb town in Westchester County, thirty-five minutes north of Manhattan. There was the seafood restaurant, the motel, the mini park, and the abandoned lot I saw in my vision.

skyline photo of empire state building in new york city

car driving on asphalt road among mountains covered with lush forests

This past February, while in Italy, I programmed my GPS to pick up my admission ticket to Pompeii city.  After driving for two hours and noticing that I was 40 minutes from the destination, but there were no signs of Pompeii, which is a big attraction.  I pulled over and learned that my GPS took me 3 hours away from Pompeii.  

It was too late for the original plan.  So I looked at the map and saw water nearby with a somewhat tourist tower.  So I reprogrammed my GPS to explore that area.
I drove through the hills, often pulling over to let cars go by and enjoy the amazing landscapes.  On the way to the Belvedere Tower, I ended up in a small village calledSilvi Paese, in the region of Abruzzo.

I parked my rental car and walked through the medieval village. It was off-season, so I shared the streets with a few locals and cats.  The churches, the fountain, gracious homes, lemon trees, the Ponde del Mare (the sea bridge), the Path of Splendor (a slight detour), and of course, the majestic sea. I was at the breath of the Adriatic sea.

red car parked near body of water

As I strolled the streets, grace accompanied me everywhere I stepped.  My curiosity and the sacred space of my dream interlaced through the stone, sand, and grass, and we communed.  It felt like every step emanated joy one thousand folds in all directions.

A house facing the sea read on its wall, “Di fronte al mare lá felicita e una idea semplece,” which means, “In front of the sea, happiness is a simple idea.”

It anchored me and my joy.

Some people will rationalize that I might have mistaken the place or seen pictures of it before; others will call it a coincidence.  But the heart knows.  The heart just knows the truth.
I still carry that joy with me.  I’ve been back for months and can still smell the blues and sense the spirit of the homes and trees by the sea. I increased my trust in the Universe.

There are two lessons here if you missed them:

One, Let the Universe find the way. All you need is to know the destination.  Their ways are better than you could possibly plan or imagine. 
Two, What is your special place of joy?  Find it.  And even if you can't visit it often, create a heart anchor that bridges you into joy at a moment's notice.  

How To Create Heart Anchors to Improve Your Emotions

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What is Heart Anchoring? It’s a spiritual practice that helps you improve your emotions by connecting an uplifting feeling to action at a moment’s notice. It’s a safety zone created by you and held in place by activating your heart. Your brain is rewiring your emotions with your heart.

Before you can use a heart anchor, you need to create it.

When you find yourself extremely happy, overly excited, and in high spaces of joy, love, or gratitude, take the moment or space in by breathing, looking around, feeling the emotion, and paying attention to the details. Then tap your heart three times with three fingers of your dominant hand (I use the indicator, middle, and wedding fingers). Then do it again. Look around, feel the high emotions, and tap your heart three times. Do the whole anchoring process at least three times. It’s that simple.

To use a heart anchor, you just need to tap into your heart three times to recall your high emotional state. To increase the connection, think of the place or moment where you create the heart anchoring and tap the heart three times, repeating the set at least three times.

Go on and Create Anchors

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