Are You Being Called to Forgive?

For ages, humanity has been fascinated with the moon, especially when it is full. Some civilizations believed the moon was a powerful god. Others spent nights celebrating, praying or being blessed by the full moon. Many followed the moon cycles to predict floods and to plant and harvest crops. Nowadays, we believe that the moon is responsible for mischievous acts, labor induced, crazy behaviors and even biological changes in the body.

The days leading into a full moon the sky looks brighter and mysterious. People are almost hypnotized by the moonlight brightening the dark night and invited to linger outdoors a bit longer than usual. People who live in the countryside are more aware of the generosity of the full moon; country roads have no street lights, and the reflection of the moonlight romanticizes the silhouette of trees, bushes, animals and empty roads.

Mystics believe in the energy of the full moon. They encourage people to leave their crystals, precious stones and even jewelry outside overnight to be energized by the moon and release negative energy people have dropped on the items. Some of these beliefs have been forgotten or tossed aside as superstition. But are they really made up beliefs? I will let you find your own answers.

This week I learned something new about the moon that resonated with me. The full moon is a time to forgive and let go of the negative past. It seemed like the Universe was calling me to share this message as the message showed up in my awareness three more times. I did a little research and dug into my knowledge to inspire you to give forgiveness a glance or even a good try.

Child under the moon

Why is the Full Moon a Time to Forgiveness?

Today, August 26 the moon is full in New York. The full moon calls humanity to look up, gaze at the sky and be inspired. With inspiration, our resistance gets diminished. When our resistance is reduced, we have a window of opportunity to release the big stones in our path. And most of the time the big stones are large boulders of resentment.

Resentment is not easily understood or identified in ourselves. Most people don’t know that they resent others for whatever they have done. They are angry but don’t associate the feeling they feel as resentment. The guilty parties don’t know what they inflicted on others and live oblivious to what is just outside them. And a vast majority don’t know what resentment really is. Resentment is our response to our rigid beliefs about other’s people behaviors. It is the holding of negative energy we believe other people created. But in reality, resentment cannot be created outside one’s self.

Resentment is unprocessed feelings from the past. It tints our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Resentment destroys relationships, careers, health, and peace of mind. But the worse of all is that resentment disconnect you from your inner being, the real individual that lives inside of your body and wants to evolve and grow but it has been imprisoned by you. I hope you know that you need to set yourself free.

Full moon time to forgive

Resentment is not built in one day; it cannot be transmuted in five minutes. The only path I know to release resentment is through forgiveness. People who worked on releasing resentment shared that they made the decision to embrace forgiveness and it happened over time. It was like peeling the layers of an onion until there was no onion.

Today, during this full moon, I invite you to begin to shed the layers of resentment by deciding to forgive. I am not asking to call who you believed did you wrong. I am asking that you step outside during the full moon, open your heart and ask the energy of moon to help you forgive. This is just to set the intention that you want to be free.
Start by forgiving yourself. Say out loud: “I forgive myself” “I am able to forgive myself” I am willing to forgive myself” “I forgive myself for locking my love.”

As you will go through the week, you will begin to notices resources on forgiveness coming into your experience. Perhaps it will be a book or article you read, a conversation or podcast you hear.

You may be called to forgive someone who has already passed over or someone who sleeps next to you. It is essential that you know that people do what they can based on the ability they have at the time. Yes, they hurt you and maybe they meant to hurt you, but their weakness cannot be your sentence. Set yourself free and allowed what happened to be in the past without chains to your heart.

Remember, people do what they do base on the level of consciousness they have at the time. The level of consciousness fluctuates all day long and all lifelong. If you cannot do it for them, then just do it for yourself. You are the most important person in your life. Release those bolder and forgive. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth.

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