Nine Uncompromising Commitments Some Women Forget

These are my beliefs.  They sound and feel true to me.  Some days I forget them because I’ve learned how to be otherwise. It is not my intention, but it happens.  My mother and her ancestors were also were taught to forget them. They used to forget that they matter, but we can’t stop the flower from blooming.  Its essence exists despite outside intentions to stop the bloom.

I come to understand that when the morning comes and the uncomfortableness creeps into my experience, my daily meditation practice nudges me back to myself and I remember that I am a woman, in every sense of the word.

These are the Nine Commitments to Herself :happy woman 3

ONE – I will honor my feminine essence.

TWO – I will create space and time to restore.

THREE – I will walk away from people, things, and events that don’t sustain love.

FOUR – I will nurture myself, my children, and my sisters.

FIVE – I will give generously to others without depleting myself. morning meditation'

SIX – I will listen to my intuition and act on them.

SEVEN – I will take actions to be happy.

EIGHT – I will share my purpose through work, hobbies, and volunteering.

NINE – I will love myself unconditionally.Business-Woman on phone

Stay tuned in the next couple weeks as I will get into more details about the commitments.

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