5 Mindful-Minute Exercises that Boost Your Emotional Intelligence and Personal Power

Life happens. Some days we wish life would slow down to our pace and smell the roses along the road of harmony and happiness.

When things happen and disrupt our well-planned journey, we may need to regroup quickly to cease the opportunity we have been expecting. It may be an interview, an elevator pitch with an influencer, an unplanned meeting at work or a meaningful conversation with our loved ones. When we need to influence others, we must be at our best. Often we let circumstances and our emotions hijack our efforts to put our best foot forward.

The ability to identify, use, understand, and manage our emotions effectively and positively is called Emotional Intelligence, or EQ.

Having a good level of EQ helps individuals to reduce stress, communicate better, manage relationships and improve the overall quality of their lives by handling the challenges of our daily life effectively.

5 mindful minutes that boost your emotional intelligence 2Emotional Intelligence is a trait we find undeveloped in many women. There are many ways to develop the skill.  The more you practice, the better you will become.

Here are five exercises that you can do in a few minutes and get your personal power optimized fast when matters.


Go to the bathroom, open your arms out, push your chest forward and take a few deep long breathes. As you do, inhale confidence, love, courage and exhale doubt, anger, sadness. Imagine the words entering and leaving your breath.  Breathing will reduce your stress level and support you on releasing the fears you may have about what you are about to face.

heart with sunMINDFUL MINUTE 2:

Place your attention to your heart energy by focusing on your heart and visualize a bright pink light of the size of a dime growing and expanding in all directions until it encompasses your body, the room and the building where you are. It can happen faster if you already have done this exercise during your meditation practice.  Tapping into your heart energy gives you the power you need to be aligned with your intentions.


heart gratefulFind gratitude by mentally listing 20 things you are grateful for. If you don’t have time to list them all, list as many items as you can. This exercise can also be faster if you have done it before. It is better to say them out loud, but if you can’t, listing them mentally will work if you can feel the gratitude for the blessings you already have in your life. This will improve your energy and ability to receive.


Detach from the outcome. You can do that by being 100% okay with the worse case scenario. It’s a mindset that you set up by knowing that if the outcome you want doesn’t happen the way you planned, it’s because there is a better solution coming your way. Just say it to yourself, be entirely behind the belief, and you will release the energy of desperation that stop your realities from happening.  Again, don’t fake it!


Remember the feeling reasons why you want the outcome you desire. People think that they want more money (physical), but in truth, they want freedom, peace of mind, and joy (feeling.) The emotional reasons why we desire what we want are more powerful than the object.  We are driven by our emotions.  Use it for your advantage.

5 mindful minutes that boost your Emotional Inteligence and Personal Power 2

All of these practices will reduce the stress level you may have at the moment and widen your access to the information you know. If you are nervous, (a symptom of stress) you block or reduce your knowledge or skills you need to secure your outcome.  You may have years of expertise, but it can go blank in three seconds, that’s how many people self-sabotage.

I use these practices often in business and managing my relationships. These practices work like magic.  But, but in reality, it is not magical, it’s just you tapping into your personal power that is always available to you 24/7. Try it!

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