Would you be able to host Oprah for dinner tonight?

It’s Friday morning, and you just got the word that Oprah is coming for dinner. Are you panicking? Are you thinking what you are going to serve or how are you going to get the house clean up?

If you are like most people, clutter has got a hook in your life. You may not qualify to be on the Hoarder TV show, but there is one space in your life that could use some decluttering.

When you walk into your bedroom, what does it scream to you? Does it say “Welcome home” or “Get out of here?” How about your office? Does your desk say “let’s make it happen” or “I don’t want to work?” How about your car? Can you use it to pick up Oprah at the airport?

silver spoon and forks beside vegetables

I know that Oprah is not coming for dinner, but she doesn’t have to visit for us to create a space that screams “ You Are Worth.”

If you have lots of clutter in your home, removing it can be a bit overwhelming. Look around. Do you see any clutter? If you do, it means you are holding on the people, things, feeling, and thoughts that no longer serve you. Those are signs of not letting things go.

When you find physical clutter, you can be sure there is also emotional clutter. It is like opening the closet of your mind and find anger at work, resent about a friend, insecurity about finances, unsafety feeling in your relationship and more.

Simply put, clutter is lack of faith in life. It shows up when we don’t feel safe. It’s also the belief that what we need won’t be provided. That’s why we keep all sorts of things around just in case as we were expecting things to go south. And what we expect, usually comes true.

You can have faith that things will always work out for your best. Words alone will not solve your issue of holding on the things that no longer serve you. You need to show it the Universe. When you do, your beliefs begin to change and so does your life.


Here are easy five steps to begin the process of letting go and open the space in your life to receive:

One: Select a room in your home to declutter.

Ideally, you want to start with your bedroom, but if your bedroom is too messy, begin with your car, or bathroom. Smaller spaces will be easier and will give you the energy to continue. But your bedroom will provide you with the best results for your life because you spend the majority of your time there (if you sleep in your bedroom)

Two:  Make four piles:

a) Things to keep

b) Things to donate

c) Things to discard

d) Things to sell or regift to someone.


Three: Remove the items.

Look around and remove the magazines, books, clothes and any object you have not touched in six months or more. The objects you will keep must have a permanent room in your home – no more piles. Anything that is broken, you must fix or throw it away. Donation items go into a bag and then immediately to the front seat of your car, so you don’t forget it in the trunk for the next six months. Plan to stop by at your donation store within 24 hours.

Anything you plan to sell or regift, you have one-month window to take it out of your house. After that, it gets donated.

cleaning supplies
Four: Clean the space.

That is just the old fashion elbow grease. Get the duster, vacuum, mop, paper towel and clean the space from top to bottom. Open the windows, and let fresh air in.

Five: Admire your work.

Step back and see what a room needs to look like. Feel the gratification of accomplishing something important like cleaning the energy of your space.

apartment bed bedroom chair

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Most people go through this process multiple times. They have a hard time parting with things they are not sure they should. However, it is not about the “should,” but the “want.” We want to have a space where we can relax, work and that supports our intentions.

Be gentle with yourself. Letting go is a process. Notice the feeling you have about the things you don’t need but are not ready to part with. If you need support, visit my website http://www.ana-barreto.com/ meditations and listen to the willow meditation. It will support you in the process of letting go.

There is one more thing to let go. Stop cleaning the space for company and start cleaning your space for you. You deserve a beautiful home. You are worth.

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