Superwoman, You Are Grounded

My dear woman,

I’m grounding you today. It’s time to go to your room and think about what you could have done differently. Leave your computer, cellphone, television, and all the interruptions behind. You are grounded.

I’m grounding you so you can stop overwhelming your emotions with mental to-do lists that never end.

I ask you to discard your guilty feelings about what you could, should or had to get done and didn’t get to it.

It’s time to retire your cape. The fact that you can do anything doesn’t mean that you have to do everything. That’s why I am grounding you.

You are not to leave your room until you replenish your energy, renew your spirit, and nurture yourself back to you.

Self-abandonment is not a virtue but an act of insecurity.

Please be gentle with yourself and don’t blame the woman in the mirror. Instead, take the time to reflect on your attitudes that limit your potential, argue for false limitations, and create unmanageable disappointments.

As you do, just surrender. Surrendering doesn’t mean you are defeated. It only allows you to stop swimming against the current. Yes, you can swim, but why go against the flow? Humanity has been creating with more effort than it is deemed necessary. Love requires no effort.

Give yourself the gift of patience. Be willing to wait for the storm to pass, the tree to grow, the rose to bloom and the soul to open. Be grounded gently and rest your will.

Superwoman is only a myth, but you are more than real. You are divine.

Be grounded and allow the rain to carry away all the unreasonable expectations you imposed on your feminine attitudes.

You are connected to the earth. You were born to manifest your true powers, and being a superwoman is not one of them.

When it comes the time to be ungrounded, it will not matter to you. By then, you will have learned that being grounded is not a phase but a mindful way of being a woman.

Happy Grounding.

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